summer fresh

i went to our local plant nursery + farmer’s market. and chatted with the man putting out the red, ripe tomatoes. i found out that they were grown right across the street. talk about fresh! and they were so juicy and sweet. at the peek of their summer goodness. when it is meant to be eaten. and savored.

vine ripe tomatoes and fresh basil

i just love summer fruits and veggies. sweet. ripe. fresh. delicious.  but i don’t always eat them. they look good. and smell good. and taste good. but i very rarely take a bite.
so why don’t i eat all the delicious summer fruits and veggies right in front of me now? because i see them as something too special to eat.  just look, but do not touch. or taste. why? well, if I ate it then it would be gone. and i would have no more. there would be none left for later. so i’d better not eat it now. just save it to enjoy later. but later never comes. because the fruit doesn’t last forever. and then it is too late to enjoy the sweetness. crazy, right? i am so caught up in worrying about what will happen later that i’m missing out on
right now
. kind of like not eating off the “good” dishes or using the “nice” towels.

i am going to miss out on life by worrying so much about what comes next. instead of enjoying this very moment. savoring it. indulging in the sweetness. and trusting that whatever comes later is going to be just fine. just perfect even. perhaps i would find even more sweet summer food. but i will never know because i don’t give myself the chance to find out. to enjoy that juicy fruit. and then enjoy some more. or smile at the simple memory of the sweetness. and the happiness it brought to me. even if only for a few bites.

so if not now, when?

it is time to jump on the bed. pour sprinkles + syrup on my chocolate ice cream. then eat it out of the “good” bowls. and let butter drip off my chin as I nibble on some summer sweet corn on the cob.
i am growing a few herbs in a little container garden by my front door. sweet basil. peppermint. lavender mint. oregano. parsley. and they are all still alive! {that is what daily watering will do for a plant.} so i am not going to just watch them grow. i am going to use them. eat them. cook with them. savor them…  mint infused water. fresh tomatoes, mozzarella and basil. pizzaiolo steak with oregano. oh how fresh herbs can change the flavor of an entire dish!

i am falling in love with food all over again. and it has never tasted so good.

how lucky am i? to live in a the warmth of south florida. to have fresh, sweet seasonal fruits + veggies at my fingertips. all year round. to grow my favorite herbs right outside my front door. to have these long, lazy days of summer. to spend this time with my boys. to be able to take photographs of my world. to have the freedom to write. to be able to choose what i want. to create the life of my dreams. to live the life of my dreams. it all begins with me. living in the moment. enjoying today. and indulging in the sweetness of that summer fresh food…

tell me what is your favorite summer fresh food…

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Wendy T. - I’m a sucker for strawberries. I know you can get them year round, but they’re meant for summer, in my opinion. They’re so delicious!

Good for you for living in the now. You’ve inspired me to bust out our china for breakfast tomorrow :)

Liza - Beautiful Tracy and so inspiring. I’m always quick to enjoy all the delicious summer fruits and vegetables. My lesson? To stop and really appreciate it for all its goodness before I dig in. Love it!

stacey - Amen for living in the moment.

A little envious of your south Florida address and fresh fruit and veggies year round. :-)

My favorites here in MN? Sweet corn and tomatoes. And green beans. Preferably all together. :-)

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