i touch his hands all the time. i wash them. i clip his fingernails. he puts them on my shoulders for balance. he pats my back with them as we hug. they wrap around my shoulders as i give him a piggyback ride to bed. they give me high fives. he puts them on my cheeks to give me a kiss.

but i don’t always feel his hands.

a few days ago i was stopped in traffic. just me and q in the car. he was sitting right behind me. so i reached back and put my hand out to him. and he put his little hand in mine. very gently. without a word being spoken. his hand just slipped right into my hand. the perfect fit. and for a few moments we were both still. and in that little bit of time, i really felt his hand. without seeing it. there was such a strong connection. i could just feel his little hand. it told me how big he is getting. how tiny this hand used to be. how much he has grown. how much of his own little person he really is now. a little piece of me. walking around in the world. but still connected. with the touch of our hands.

take a minute to really feel the hands of the ones you love. close your eyes and feel them… isn’t it magical?


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Brenda - Simply beautiful and eloquently moving.

My children are now grown and out in the world. I miss their tiny hands.

stacey - Oh I so love this post. I’ve been very aware of their hands lately. Sending my oldest off to first grade….but she always holds my hand on the walk back home from the bus. And sending my youngest off to preschool tomorrow…he grabs my hand just like your Quinn. *heart melting*

Thank you for the reminder.

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