different, but the same

they are different, but the same.

they are both my children. my sons. my sweetest loves. brothers. family. with the same worth and value. each owning a piece of my heart.

but the are different too…

one is my first born. he brought a whole new world when he came into mine. my first understanding of being a mother. so grown up already at four. full of stories. opinions. thoughts. ideas. and lots to say. independent at times. fiercely protective of his little brother. my quinn.

the other is my last born. my second little boy. i knew a bit more about what to expect with his arrival. but he still surprised me in so many new ways.  growing up way too fast already. learning new things everyday. chasing after his big brother. my little man with the tiny dimple. and the sweetest disposition. my tate.

they look similar, but still different. unique. each their own little person. with their own thoughts, dreams and ideas. one with dark hair like me. the other with lighter hair that favors a very happy daddy. both with big brown eyes. and both so very tall. already.

I love them the same but different. I love them not one more than the other. but for all of the unique, incredible, wonderful things that make each one of them exactly who they are. today. and who they will always be.

as i tell them all the time…

you are my favorite quinn in the whole world.
you are my favorite tate in the whole world.

love, your favorite mommy in the whole world.

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stacey - This is so very sweet. And adore that black and white photo.

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