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it has been 10 years. 10 years since our world stopped for one morning. and then changed forever. i was glued to my tv on sunday. watching the stories. hearing the names of the people who died that september day. and how each one of them had a story. it made me think about how we are not promised a tomorrow.

and it made me think about how if something happened to me tomorrow, my stories, my memories and all of my family photos would be stuck on my computer and a few external hard drives. where they have lived since i learned how to use my dslr four years ago.

i have slowly started printing some photos. and putting them on our walls.

when we moved into our new house about ten months after tate was born, it was obvious from the unpacking that we had lots of quinn photos. but none of tate. i had good intentions of getting some photos printed. but life gets busy with, well, living. and my walls remained empty. for quite a few months. and then somehow i finally succeeded in putting together a little collage of  photos of i took at the beach.

[note the crooked frames from them being on the same wall as the doors to the kid's rooms... this is real life!]

and then i was inspired by bree’s post on the creative mama about a fun way to create a large display out of lots of small photos. and i loved it! in a very unlike me sort of way, i immediately went through my photo files on my computer and saved my favorites to print. then i ordered the fotoclips and bought the thumb tacks too. i had all of the printed photos and fotoclips in my hands within a week. and this photo collage found it’s way onto the wall above my computer in our home office. finally, i can look up everyday to see my favorite faces. and photos. thank you bree!

you see, this is very unlike me to make something happen quite so quickly. i usually need to think it over, research every.single.option.possible and then put it on the to-do list. and never really get to it because i’m still not 1,000% sure. indecision. it is the root of all clutter. which leads to inaction. idleness. and that is the reason why my photos live on my computer.

so it is time to make decisions. now.  i still have more photos to put up in my house. but at least i have started.

the next step? to put all of my images in photo books. and print them. i have wanted to do this for a really, really, really long time. but i cannot commit. i cannot decide on the best way to create a photo book. the fear that i might find a bigger, better, more wonderful and absolutely perfect photo book template design or idea keeps stopping me. what if i don’t like the way it turns out? oh, and i know how to create templates in photoshop, so why don’t i just create my own album from scratch? pressure. pressure. pressure. do it right the first time. do it perfectly. no room for errors or changes. make it the best photo book in the whole wide world or don’t do it at all. ugh!!!! who the heck am i trying to impress with this darn photo book? at this point i’m sure not liking the photo book design would be a lot better than having no photo book at all. [insert empty hands.] if i want to show my boys photos from the past few years, they need to climb on my lap in front of my computer and i need to click around to find them. i dream about having a beautiful book that we can look at together. turning each page. in our hands.

so i started thinking about authenticity. what style do i really connect with? what catches my eye immediately? for me it is clean lines. simple white space. crate + barrel. whole living magazine. and for some reason i have taken these things that I know i love and thrown them out the window when it comes to defining my own style – at least in my head. i keep thinking that i need to fill my blog and photos and living space with things that others deem desirable. bad self talk tracy! let it go. and when you do, you will let your own authentic style rise to the top and show up in your life.

and it did. in the form of liz. i have been following liz’s blog, paislee press, for some time now. I just love her tag line of “embrace your inner minimalist”. that is so me. no crazy colors. no patterned scrapbook backgrounds. no frills. no visual clutter. i like simple. and that is just what liz’s off to press photo book templates deliver. and it is exactly what i am going to use to create the photo books of my life.

now thinking about all the photos from the past four years that i want to fill these photo books with is overwhelming. so i’m going to make it happen one page at a time. starting with this month. when i edit photos i will create photo book pages too. my goal is to print a book at the end of each year. a gift to my family. i know i can make it happen. one page at a time. perhaps a small photo book to get myself started? why yes, that would be great.

so i’m putting this in writing. to just do it. to print my photos. to hang them where i can see them everyday. to get my photo books started. to make it happen.

what have you done with your photos? please share your thoughts + ideas with me…

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Bree - I love it! I am so glad that you did this, everyone that comes into my house stops and looks at it. Yours looks perfect. xoxo.

Ang - Love this friend. It’s gorgeous and your words a great reminder about the importance of documenting and sharing … Love ya!

Renee @ Get Innergized! - WOW!! how did i miss Bree’s post!!! but i’m SO grateful for yours…i HAVE to do this, too!!! amazing!!! you rock, tracy!! you rock!!

Claire Bunn - Genius!!! I love this idea as I am super indecisive. I do have a stack of photos piling up that I was planning on putting in albums some day. This is much better for now…thanks for the article.

Erin Davenport - Tracy, I am loving your recent posts! Wonderful glipse at the everyday magic and beautiful boys and hands. I am exactly the same way when it comes to projects–paralyzed by the fear of not doing it exactly right the first time. Thank you for this reminder to START somewhere. Bravo!

stacey - I am inspired!! Thank you!

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