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i woke up early. like 6 am early. my daily alarm clock called quinn crawled in bed with me. asking to watch his show, where daddy is (at work already) and can he have a cereal bar and a drink. really? at 6 am? he certainly does not get his early riser tendency from me.

there i was awake. watching mickey mouse clubhouse in bed. so i picked up my ipad and opened my blog reader to catch up in the semi-quiet morning. i clicked on this post by tara whitney. and it made me think. about how i spend my time on the internet. and why i spend it in the ways that i do. is it wasteful? useful? helpful? this is something i’ve been thinking about a lot lately. even before i read tara’s words. why am i on facebook? why do i write status updates? are my words truthful or the version of life i want others to see? ¬†why do i chose to read the blogs that i read? do they feed my soul or box me into the shoulds and should nots of life?

then i clicked on this post on the shutter sisters blog about storytelling. it reminded me so much of why i hold my camera. and why i write my words. to tell stories. my stories. our stories. for me. for my husband. for my
boys. to write down + photograph our history. our life. this is the essence of all that i do. and i love doing this. so very much. but i can lose sight of why sometimes.

then i clicked on this link in the shutter sisters post about an intriguing group of storytellers. and i read this post by tammy, one of the storytellers. her words about life being bliss + folly were so honest. they brought me back to what i wanted to write when i started this blog. honest + truthful words. i was so tired of the empty words that I wrote over and over on my former photography blog. words about how perfect every session was. and how everyone and everything seemed to be in a constant state of sheer happiness. this same mask of bliss often seems to exude from facebook too. every status update seems to be about the perfection of life. even if i know the person and i know that isn’t so. but it is the facade we put out there. the perfect little life we want everyone to think is ours. even if the reality is much different. not that life sucks in any way. for me or for my friends. i don’t necessarily want to write about the miserable day i had and the crappy dinner i cooked. but there is a balance that comes from being genuine and being positive despite life’s curve balls and everyday chaos. it is all tempered with a bit of reality. and lots of gratitude. but for some reason the more perfect someone else’s life looks, the less perfect ours can become. in our minds anyway. tammy’s words reminded me of why i am okay being the real me right here on my blog. because life really is bliss + folly.

then i clicked on this post from my friend Angie. she is also one of the amazing storytellers. her words are always so honest. reading her thoughts about shooting just because inspired me to do the same. so i grabbed my camera, opened the shutters to let the sunlight into my bedroom and took some photos of my morning. my boys. my life. and i’m so glad that i did. because i now have this little piece of the morning to keep for always…

i am still on the fence about facebook. to share or not to share? why? how often? how much? i’m still trying to find what feels right to me…

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stacey - This seems to be the topic of the month. How much is too much when it comes to the internet? I’ve read so much about this lately and have even seen a few friends quit facebook. Thank you for sharing all these posts and thoughts. Got me thinking once again, and that’s always a good thing. :-)

And I adore these photos. I have an early riser at my house, too. :-)

Angie - You’re such a breath of just the freshest air. I love your inner strength and how you share such truths. You inspire me my friend! Xo

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