in a haze

i’ve been in a bit of a haze lately. not wanting to write. taking only a few photographs here and there. unsure. sorting out the jumble of thoughts in my head. growing. stretching. learning about where i am. and where i want to go with my writing + photography. but always knowing for sure that it will all unfold in just the right way.

i feel a shift in my thinking. new ideas. endless possibilities. more confusion. but a gut level instinct that i am moving in the right direction.

i kind of like this haze. no pressure. no stress. no expectations.

i cannot wait to see what lies ahead…

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stacey - I can’t wait either. :-)

Erin Davenport - I can definitely identify with this <3

angie - sometimes we need the haze to see the clarity on the other side.

ps love this image.

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