39 + thankful

today is my birthday. my 39th. it sometimes falls on thanksgiving day. {but not this year.}  in the spirit of being thankful and blessed enough to grow older, this is my gratitude list.

i am 39 + thankful for…

  1. being a mom
  2. the iPhone camera that captures my everyday stories
  3. my good health
  4. the possibility that tomorrow always holds
  5. chipotle burrito bowls
  6. kenny chesney’s old blue chair album
  7. tivo
  8. living close to family
  9. the smell of fresh christmas trees {quinn agrees!}
  10. forever friends
  11. having lived my dream job
  12. the chance to create a new dream
  13. lemon trees
  14. bedtime stories
  15. that i never stop learning
  16. pinterest
  17. thunderstorms
  18. memories of an italian honeymoon
  19. the ability to reinvent yourself if needed
  20. salty ocean breezes
  21. a brand new magazine in my mailbox
  22. pandora
  23. dark chocolate
  24. a language only understood by mommy
  25. an open mind
  26. disney magic
  27. a really good book
  28. instagram
  29. family traditions
  30. lots + lots of photographs
  31. how the internet connects me with friends i’ve never met in person
  32. the secret
  33. vine ripe tomatoes
  34. all things apple
  35. flip flops
  36. making things happen
  37. the many life lessons that brought me to today
  38. quinn, tate + mark
  39. oprah’s lifeclass, but especially this lesson on aging beautifully

what are you thankful for today?

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Brenda - Tracy – many happy returns! Wishing you a year filled with joy. (and dark chocolate)

Also, I can see were your lovely boys get those gorgeous peepers.

Hannah Mayo - Beautiful. Happy, happy birthday!

stacey - Happy Birthday!! Oh I hope you had a wonderful day.

Love these photos of YOU! Love seeing you in photos. And I love your list. Makes me realize how alike we are. Chipotle, fresh Christmas trees (the only way to go), iPhones, photos, books and instagram and apple and flip flops (even though I live in MN)…. Love your list. Thank you for sharing it and you.

angie - i am thankful for YOU my dearest friend. here’s to another 39 years!


stacy - As I work in the pediatric ICU tonight I am most thankful for the health of my children! Love your list! Hope your day was wonderful!

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