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a few days ago quinn and i were talking about when he was a little baby (not that long ago really).  and i was heartbroken that i did not have an album to hold in my hands and show him from when he was tiny.

the more i trust my technical skills as a photographer, the easier my craft becomes. i have been behind all year with editing because it takes me so long. i want every image to be just perfect. tweeked to perfection. but in the end i am just so far behind. too many photos that have never even made it out of my raw file. no editing at all.

then today something clicked. because i read these words by Chenin Boutwell about putting together an annual family album on Jasmine Star’s blog

I also try not to obsess about retouching and Photoshop effects. After all, these are family snap shots and not professional images. If you get too caught up in trying to retouch everything, you’ll lose steam about May or so…

hello light bulb moment! i don’t need to make every one of my family snap shots perfect! a few tweeks in acr (adobe camera raw), noiseware for the inside photos, a quick curves layer and i’m done. it’s that simple.

this year i’ve really been peeling back the layers to find my creativity + unique style. not only in what I photograph and how I see it, but also how i edit and process my images. for me it has been about simplifying and letting go of the unnecessary. i found that i like to crop in camera. what you see is 99% of the time exactly how i shot the images. the more i nail my exposure, the less i need to process my photos. acr is my friend. and i’m always trying to streamline my editing workflow. hello batch editing.

the lesson of the day? just get it done. is it more important to have a handful of perfectly edited photos? or all of the photos that tell my stories – and still look pretty darn good? no more will my everyday photos be stuck on my computer as raw files. untouched. they will be edited, printed and held by my boys.

so, quinn wanting to see himself as a tiny baby + Chenin’s words about not needing our everyday snap shots to be perfect = faster editing.  lesson learned.

here is one of the photos i edited while keeping it simple. getting it done. it is mark and quinn saying hello to a little dachshund during our window shopping trip a few days ago…

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stacey - YES. Thank you so much for this reminder. Thank you, thank you.

Love this photo, too.

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