one little word

i am starting off the new year with one little word. a personal project. instead of a bunch of resolutions that i may or may not keep, i’m opting for a different kind of focus. by choosing just one word the possibilities are endless. one little word can mean so much. say so much. hold so much. one little word can be interpreted in so many different ways. and i’m going to hold this one little word close to me throughout all of twenty twelve. i cannot wait to see where this word takes me. what opens up for me because of all the possibilities that this one little word holds.

so what is my one little word?


i think this word sort of chose me. it is a word that has been popping into my head so many times in so many way over the past few weeks. i gained so much clarity after writing this journal entry. for me, it is about letting go, finding calm, being present, disentangling from the unimportant and finding some order in the everyday chaos.

the definition of the word simplify is to make less complex or complicated, clearer or easier. simplify comes from the word simple, so i looked up that definition too. and there were many. but one really struck me… not limited or restricted. i know i am limiting myself with all of the rules and guidelines i follow. i am mostly unaware. a bit unconscious of these self-imposed dos and don’ts and how-tos that i live by. trying to do and be like someone else. because my authentic self is still not quite good enough. my inner voice is just not loud enough yet. i don’t quite trust my vision + words. so reading this definition of not limited or restricted really spoke to me. i am certain that as soon as i can break free from my own limiting thoughts, i am going to be + do more than i could ever wish for. the best part is that it is already inside of me. right now. just waiting to be released. and set free. i just know this is the year. this is the time. this is my time. and i love this evolution that is taking place inside of me right now.

to enhance my journey with my word, i’m joining ali edwards + big picture classes for the one little word workshop. it is not too late to join. and pick your one little word. and share it with me.

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Wendy T. - “not limited or restricred.” – I love that. I’m in Ali’s class, too. My word is Decide. I’m looking forward to following along with you this year :)

tracey - Your word seems to be the theme of many this year :) , perhaps because the weight of clutter or too much finally has taken it’s toll on all of us? I love the word simplify. Looking forward to hearing your journey this year as you live by it!

Tim Clark - Tracey, love the thought. Thanks. You might enjoy the book The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks. Right on track with some of what you’re writing about.

stacey - YES. Perfect. A goal for me, too.

stacy - Simplify is my word too. I’m taking baby steps. Trying to get rid of the unnecessary. I’ll have to check Ali out and look forward to following your journey too!

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