from where i stand

it all started with a when is saw this blog. photos showing only the photographer’s feet. and where they were planted when she took the photos. a new way of documenting + journaling my life. again with photos. my favorite way. so i decided to give it a try. with my big camera. but lugging it around with me 24/7 was just not realistic. so i gave up on the project. but not before posting one image on instagram. sparking a little interest of my friend stacey. well, she did what i just wanted to do. she took photos of herself in the many places she was standing. and she blogged about it here. so she was doing while i was worrying. worrying about my photos not being perfect or beating myself up for not carrying the big camera around all the time. stacey ended up with images and i ended up with nothing. nothing except inspiration + the desire to

so i did. i started taking photos from where i stand. with my iphone. my own little photo journal of me. and my days.

i started a little blog to chronicle these photos. find all of my images and more to come at from where i stand. there will be no rules. no deadlines. no pressure. just me, my iphone and wherever life takes me. i will be posting directly to my new little photo blog. you can follow my adventures there. or you can follow me directly on instagram @tracylarsen. start your own from where i stand project. just post your images via instagram with the hashtag #fromwhereistand. leave your instagram name in the comments. i’d love to follow you and see where the day takes you…

oh, and please excuse the lovely tan lines on my feet. a side effect of living in florida and wearing flip flops every day!

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stacey - You are so sweet to mention me, Tracy. I love these images and I love your new blog highlighting them! I can’t wait to see more.

And I will live vicariously through your tan lines and flip flops! Although it’s a balmy 43 degrees here in MN today. VERY strange!

Jessica - Just found your blog through Stacey and have been really enjoying looking through it. I love your authenticity and honest posts. I am curious to know where in FL you are– I am in Jacksonville. Can’t wait to read more!

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