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he is the first one up every morning. (except for mark who is out of the house by 5:45am everyday.) it is still quiet and dark when i hear the words good morning! he is my little alarm clock. has been for 4.5 years now. he gets up and starts his day all by himself. all he needs from me is a cinnamon toast waffle and he is good to go. he likes to play wii in the playroom while eating his breakfast. this gives me time to wake up and get ready before tate wakes up. such a peaceful way to start my morning. the calm before the storm.

he really is quite independent now. he can do so many things all by himself. he can turn on the lights, the tv and his wii game. (it is all about star wars lego wii right now). he can get dressed and even pick out his clothes all by himself. he is a pretty good “clothes picker” (as he calls it) too.

gone are the days that i had to do everything for him. kind of makes me happy. and kind of makes me sad…

this morning, tate woke up a little early and joined him for breakfast in the playroom. it makes him so happy to do whatever his big brother is doing. and eat whatever he is eating.

and since it was daddy’s day off, he got in on the wii action too…

i have joined a creative group who link up each week with project 52. next week’s word is tired. join us. for now, click over to see what breakfast looks like in their world: Michelle, Tracey, Heather, Andrea, Jenn, Jessica, Amanda, Amanda, Kristin, Sara, Stacey, Lesli, Janet, Naomi, Rhonda, Rose, Carla, and Lena.

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tracey - T–the light in these photos is just so beautiful! I understand the tension of loving that they are independent, yet missing their dependence. But at 5:45am I think I’m appreciating the independence more. :) Have a fabulous weekend!

sara - it’s bittersweet isn’t it?
their independence.

and i totally giggled at the “calm before the storm” comment.
story of my life ;)

loved reading and seeing your images.
just lovely.

golightly - I agree with Tracey, I’m mesmerized by the dreamy light in your photos. What a wonderful room to start their day in each morning.

stacey - I love that our kids eat the exact same waffles. :-) And my son is ADDICTED to MarioKart Wii lately and is never ever seen without his “Cars” cars nearby (just like photo #6). Love the texture of the carpet and the waffles together in photo #4.

SO happy you are joining in, Tracy!

Andrea - My son is about the same except for the fact that he always wants to be right by my side. But once I get him breakfast and turn on the PBS Kids, he is good to go. :) The carpet texture and the waffles are a great pair!

Jessica - Wow, you sure have amazing light in your playroom!!! Love your little tale of family connection.

Veronica - Love the tones of these photos. I am the newest girl linking up. Nice to meet you!

Heidi - I joined this week too- check out my breakfast photo!

I’m excited for this project to help boost my creativity and strengthen my photography skills. It’s an honor to be associated with you guys! I love your photos and a peek into your morning routine.

Amanda Kelley - I kept looking at these photos and kept thinking…man that will my own little boy in just a couple years. I love the candid feel to these photos–that’s when you know you are capturing real life. Great post!

Naomi - Love this series of photos! Beautiful light. My son rotates the type of waffle he eats each morning and the cinnamon toast ones happen to be one of them. ha! :)

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