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another week of project life completed! i cannot believe that i’m really keeping up with this. and i cannot believe what i’m learning from it all. i never imagined that it would be more than just a little project that allowed me to print some favorite photos and a few journaling cards to tell some sweet stories. but it is becoming so much more. it is making me aware of the everyday happiness in my life. the little things that are really the big things. i am paying attention now. to all of it. getting away from focusing on the facts about what happened (which is really just reporting). now i’m noticing the story beyond the facts. the feelings. the emotions. the unspoken meaning.

i am finding inspiration in so many different places and in so many different forms. one that i am really loving right now is Ali Edward’s weekly newsletter project, 52 creative lifts. her most recent entry was amazing. it really helped me to see how many sides there are to just one photo. how many different stories it can tell. it has shown me how to open my journaling to more than the cut and dried facts. to look ahead to be able to look back. and see what i will want to remember from right now. it is expanding my mind. and my possibilities.
here are a few more of my thoughts on project life this week:

  • adapt and change when necessary… when i printed my photos for week 1 at the local sam’s club, the white border that I added didn’t turn out right. something was lost in my editing and their cropping. the white border was totally off, uneven and too tiny. so in the spirit of simplifying and keeping things doable for the year, i’m going to let go of the idea of white borders on all of my project life photos. i’m going to reprint the first week’s photos without a border and move forward. i will not fall behind.
  • i found some lovely project life downloads… photo templates from paislee press, word art from ali edwards, cards from cathy zielske. thanks to these women for sharing their talents and their own project life journey as it inspires me.
  • i am giving project life the flexibility to change from week to week so that it is something that i love to do and not work that i dread. i can very easily over complicate this whole project. but i am reminded of my one little word, simplify. do it my way. keep it simple. gather inspiration and not comparisons. my family. my story. my way. authenticity. make what i love. design what i want to look at.
  • keeping up with project life is helping me keep up with all of my photos – organizing, editing, deleting. I have a tendency to edit photos here and there. never really being through. so i’m left with lots of raw images. random photos edited. all the images i shot living on my computer’s hard drive – and this includes every.single.image. i have ever taken. of which, a good 75% can be deleted. and should be deleted. since i have decided to do project life one week at at time, it is keeping me on track to do these things every week. review. delete. decide. edit. a little at a time. then it won’t get out of control. and overwhelm me. and beat me down. this time, i win.
  • found a great little app recommended by Cathy Zielske called day one. it helps me to journal and keep track of all the things that happen in my day. i simply type in little thoughts here and there. it is organized beautifully and even allows me to set reminders that pop up on my phone and computer a few times a day to remind me to write about what is happening. i got the app for my mac, my ipad and my iphone and they seamlessly sync via icloud. love that! easy to use + a beautiful design. what more could i want?
  • my project life album arrived. i chose a simple grey album with white stitching around the edges. grey has been my color of choice for awhile now. this album was the perfect blend of modern simplicity.
  • no photos of my completed layouts yet because i’m still waiting on the page protectors to become available. mid-february i hear. can’t come soon enough.
  • i have been keeping everything in an expand-a-file to keep organized. journal card printing template sheet. weekly template with my scribbles on where things will go all paper clipped together with my printed photos and journaling cards. each week kept in a separate divider with any other little pieces that will go inside the page protectors. my little project life command central for now.
  • i  want to focus more on the bits and pieces of the tiny details that make up our days. i can be a big picture story teller. i want to incorporate the little stories too.
  • i am enjoying all of the great inspiration and ideas from around the internet and on pinterest. and instagram (follow me @tracylarsen).

i am inspired to keep going + growing my creativity and story telling each week. i know my system for putting together my weekly pages will change as the weeks progress. and so will my content. and stories. i am looking forward to the whole process. and holding it all in my hands. and sharing it with my family.

here are just a few of the photos i’m putting in project life from the first three weeks…

are you doing project life too? leave me a link to find your inspiration…

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stacey - Way to go, Tracy. I’m so impressed with your commitment to this!

I ADORE that family photo at Disney World. And your “fromwhereistand” photo with the Mickey ears?? So great!

Ali - Loved reading your reflections this week – and thank you for the comments on the newsletter – so glad you enjoyed it.

Haydee - ooh! ooh! so cute and inspiring. i have been struggling with finding the time, and the right format, to save our growing portfolio of photos, and have been considering PROJECT LIFE. it sounds like it may work for me too…will keep you posted, and if i start it, will definitely hit you up for more tips and advice!

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