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i go to bed way too late. far past the time that would give me 7 or 8 hours of much needed sleep. i just have way too much to do. so many things that i want to do. books to read. photos to edit. stories to write. photo books to create. memories to keep track of. life to organize. then there is the need to do list. wrap up this day. clean. prepare for the next day. and the things i love to do. read bedtime stories. tuck in little boys. check on them a million times before i finally go to sleep.

so many nights i am just so tired. energy gone. creativity faded. all done. i need to give myself the rest i need to recharge. i need to be kind to myself. i need to learn to find a balance with it all. and i need to spend more time right here…

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stacey - I mentioned on Heather’s post how I love seeing a little peak inside friend’s homes. Love this little peak inside your bedroom. Love the photo of you and your hubby on your nightstand.

And I can so relate! I tend to stay up WAY too late because it’s the only time of my day I can get stuff done, let alone have a few moments to myself on the couch or in my bed. Sleep has definitely taken a back seat to “alone time”. So hard to find that balance most days, isn’t it? Working on that myself.

Amanda - I love the lighting. In fact, I honestly love your flare on photography—all your photos look so creamy and dreamy—LOVE.

sara - yup those precious few evening hours when the kids are in bed is definitely when i feel most productive. :)

i love the little peak into your room.
it’s just lovely.

Janet - Yes, and if you leave any of these things till the next day, you just have that much more to do. But, honestly, would you want it any other way??
I love the photo, it’s looks so serene and cool, like one could slip under the sheets and be instantly asleep.

Naomi - I am seeing pictures of beds and I really want to go crawl in mine right now. ha. Love this photo, the processing. You are so right…balance is so important. I’m still trying to figure that one out! ;)

Heather M. - i just love this peek into your room. what a peaceful photo. makes me want to crawl back into my own bed right now.

i find it so hard to go to bed at night too – so many things to do, so little time…

Heidi - It’s like your first paragraph was describing me! I am such a night owl and feel almost guilty for going to bed (at 2am!) when there is so much I need and want to do. I need to work on going to bed earlier.

Oh, and add me to your list too please!

Andrea - You totally just described me! I stay up far too late and then lay awake for another hour or two worrying about things.
Sounds like we both need more time in bed, but there just aren’t enough hours in the day.

tracey - You know, it’s such a simple truth that when we get the sleep we need our bodies are happy and healthy. But yet I am 42, and even though I KNOW this truth, I still choose to live as if it doesn’t apply to me. But whenever I am feeling balanced and emotionally happy and content and not irritable I stop and realize it’s bc I had some great sleep in the last few days. Knock me on the head. It’s like a novel idea every time. Duh.
Your pillows look inviting. :)
Hope you get some rest this weekend!

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