wall art for tate

i love pinterest. so many creative ideas. it is easy to keep pinning away. but i wanted to actually create some of the things i’ve pinned. so i decided to just go for it this weekend.

tate’s room is not really decorated. it is a mix of quinn’s baby furniture – crib, dresser, little bookshelf. not much style. it is pretty bare actually. a few months ago, i found some mod animal fabric and my mom made a window valence. and i covered some canvases in the fabric to hang on the wall. there a few framed photos on two narrow wall ledge shelves. but the wall above his crib is empty. room unfinished.

so i wanted to create something special for tate. for his space.  i always sing (in my not-so-good voice) you are my sunshine to both of the boys. but i use quinn-shine and tate-shine for them. so after repining this on pinterest, i was inspired to make something similar for tate’s room.

and this is what i made…

it is not perfect. i used my own handwriting instead of the neat stenciling i had envisioned. i don’t particularly like my handwriting (okay, so i don’t like it at all really) but i am learning to like it. it is a part of me. something unique. and the art of handwriting pretty much anything is fading away these days. so instead of expecting perfection which would ultimately leave me me with a bag full supplies but never actually using them for fear of messing up, i decided to just do it. i have too many things that i want to do but don’t because i come up with a million reasons why i’m not ready to start. or finish. i have lots of supplies for other projects that i never completed. so this was going to be different. and it was. and it is finished. and hanging in tate’s room right above his crib.

it was so easy. i bought a 22″ x 28″ canvas at the craft store (on sale for $9.49). i had the light blue and brown paint. and the paint brushes.

i applied one coat of light blue paint on the canvas.

i tested out the different brushes and some sample writing on scrap paper.

i wrote the words freehand with a paintbrush. and then i went over the letters one more time with more paint to fill in the lighter parts. and i was done.

i didn’t have space for the very last line of the song. and some of the letters are not very neat. and the spacing is not even. it could be better. normally that would make me crazy. and want to trash the canvas and start all over. but i let that go. that need for perfection. it is what it is. simple. imperfect. genuine. a little love note to my baby. my tate-shine.

when quinn saw this, he asked where his was. guess i’ll be heading back to the store for another canvas…

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stacey - I think this is perfect. :-)

And I am super impressed and inspired by all of your creating.

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