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he is four months old. still so teeny tiny. and mostly new. he came for a visit with his mommy (who is one of my dearest friends), daddy and big brother. we don’t get to see them very often because we live four hours apart. so our boys were excited to play. and they didn’t do it very quietly. poor little guy just could not go to sleep with all of the chaos. finally the boys calmed down and watched toy story 2 with the big boys (um, daddies) and all was quiet. and he fell asleep snuggled up on mommy’s chest.

oh how i wish i had one more chance to hold my boys at that age. in that sweet snuggle. breathing in their baby scent. time is so fleeting…

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Amanda - In one word this shot is…Perfect. I can relate to the snuggling and cuddling—missing this!

Naomi - oh so precious….and I’m thankful for your words. Because I just had to rant on my blog about not sleeping. You are right, time is fleeting. I think that needs to be my mantra. :) Must repeat that over and over when I’m up all night. My little babe is wearing those pj’s this morning too :)

tracey - Absolutely precious. I wish I could be that mama for a few moments, just to feel the soft baby head and warm little body. :)
Have a good weekend T!

Amanda - What a precious capture. I would have loved someone to capture a photo like this of me and one of my babes – such a tender, quiet, everyday moment filled with love and adoration. Beautiful job.

Heather M. - this is so precious. i’d love a few extra moments to snuggle my kids again when they were that little too. sigh…

Kristin - I love this photo. They get big so fast its wonderful to capture that littleness as much as possible!

Heidi - I love when babies bury their head in your shoulder and sleep like that. So sweet. Makes me want to hold a baby :)

sara - that is perfect.

i wish i had taken shots like that of my babies. :(

love it! she will treasure it forever!

Janet - yup, that’s what I miss right there, only I liked it even better when they were about 7 months. Oh, my, goodness. I can’t wait for grandchildren. ha!

Carla K - Pretty sure that my uterus just skipped a beat. There are so many things about having a tiny one that I do not miss — late night feedings, toting around tons of baby gear, spit up. I really miss the snuggling and that wonderful baby smell. Just looking at this pic makes me conjure up the smell of baby lotion. Aaahhhh. . . Great shot.

golightly - What a precious moment to capture. My sentiments exactly, to just hold my boy one more time at that age.
Here’s mine this week:

stacey - This is so very very sweet, Tracy. I wish I could have my babies back, if only for a day, too.

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