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sometimes i plan out a photo in my head before i even pick up my camera. creating an idea of what i want it to look like. often i find this to be such a limiting perspective. because i get so stuck on what i think i want it to be. and unintentionally fight against what i really see. because i’m too worried about how i thought it was supposed to look.

and thankfully, some days i just let it all go. i might start with the awkward shots but then it morphs from there. into just going wherever the image takes me. to be able to simply see what i see. no limits. no rules. no expectation. it is a conscious choice. a voice in my head that speaks to me. telling me to let go.

and i listen.

i wanted to take a few photos of quinn playing with his star wars legos for my project life journal. after trying to get him to stand in just the right light in his bedroom, all i got were a few forced smiles from him. and blurry shots because he just could not hold his hands still. so, i gave up. i gave in. and i let him do his thing.

and magic happened.

he sat down on his bedroom floor carefully putting together his beloved star wars lego ship. i noticed the light from the window behind him. even though he was facing the dark hallway, i got over my fear and cranked up my iso. i laid down on the floor next to him. and took a few photos.

what i got was so real + pure. a piece of him. so focused and concentrated on his lego building efforts. in the quiet of his room. playing as he does most days now when he get home from preschool. a moment of him being him. and doing what he loves.

the more i am aware, the more i can let go. simplify my photography. quiet my head. trust my view. and just see what i see…

Friends also participating: Stacey, Michelle, Tracey, Heather, Andrea, Jenn, Jessica, Amanda, Amanda, Kristin, Sara, Lesli, Janet, Naomi, Rhonda, Rose, Carla, Lena, Heidi, Kristin, Heather, Amy, and Veronica.

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Jessica - That’s when the photography magic really happens for me– when I let go, enjoy it, and just see what happens. Often i am amazed by what I created.

Jenn - You are so right about what happens when you force it. I think it’s fear that makes me run with an idea when I just need to let it go already – fear that I won’t come up with something great.

Love your light and love your photographs.

And I’m doing project life too. :)

Marvett Smith - Gorgeous light and processing!

sara - yes! pure magic!
i love these tracy.
because they are real.
his expression is just perfect.

i can relate to everything you wrote.
sometimes it’s so hard to let go and just let my kids be.
but, you’re right when i do- those are the images that i love.

great job mama!

Naomi - I find some of my fave photos are when Ive let go…no pressure, just life being lived. Love these! That light is stunning!!

tracey - These are perfect in every way T. Really, to capture this phase in his life is a precious thing. My son still gets lost in his quiet lego building.
I also loved to hear your creative process. It’s cool to see how others work. I rarely ever think about the photo I see in my head. I tend to stumble upon photo. I admire others who can “see” before hand. I tend to “see” as it’s happening. I guess both are gifts, but sometimes I aspire to be a bit more intentional. Make sense?

Andrea - Your first paragraph pretty much sums it up for me when I pick up my camera (that’s why I don’t pick it up much anymore.) But the magic really does happen when you just start snapping without expectations. I really do believe this. (I’m just too Type A in some areas of my life…) I love these photos. They capture childhood and little boyness. :) And such lovely light, Tracy!
Wonderful quiet capture.

Heidi - I agree with Andrea – because the pictures don’t turn out the way I envision them in my head, I get frustrated and put my camera away. This project has been great for me because I realize that even you professional photgraphers don’t always get the perfect shot and that’s okay. I don’t need to shoot for perfection, but capturing a moment, even if it’s a little blurry :)

Heather M. - love these photos and love that you let go to let them happen. it’s hard to do but you captured his still, quiet play perfectly.

michelle s. - Oh wow!! Totally magical light. So beautiful!!

janet - I do the same thing, (drives me nuts) ha!
Your letting go captured him well.
I love how hard they concentrate on something they love.

Amanda - LOVE the light! LOVE IT! The photo is so soft and sweet. What a handsome little boy.

stacey - I adore these photos and your words, Tracy. I adore the light and his sweet little face. I adore your realness. Beautiful.

Rose - I have to agree with every one before me, the light, the words, the letting go… the MAGIC you found.

Love it all.

liza - Keeping your mind quiet is half the battle when taking a photograph. That’s when the magic happens.

Hi Tracy, I’m the new girl to the group. Hope you have a few moments to catch me at my quiet time.

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