stretching my creative wings

as i have worked on my project life journal for the past five weeks, i have been aware of a desire to document more than just people in my photos. because stories can be told with pieces of the everyday. and there is such beauty in the everyday. the ordinary. the usual. it is about seeing it differently. the perspective. the angle. the details.

i want to do more with my camera. to expand my view. to grow and learn. to stretch my creative wings.

i am ready for more.

after a wonderful conversation with my friend renee, i am inspired to make it happen. to let my photography evolve. and truly reflect a new found awareness and authenticity. 

until now, i just have not allowed myself to take more creative photos. because of fear. the fear that i am not good enough. that i am not creative enough. that i will fail and my images will suck. and everyone will know that i am just pretending. playing dress-up as a photographer. i tell myself that really cool photos are only shot by genuinely “artsy” and creative people. which i’m not. so i will surly fail. right? hello limitations and negative energy!

create: to evolve from one’s own thought or imagination

the urge to step over that safe line of sticking to what i always do is getting stronger than the fear inside of me. i can’t not do it anymore.

so i am ready to let myself see the extraordinary in the simplicity of the everyday. i am going to search it out with my camera. and with my heart. i’m going to learn. and grow. and create. and evolve from my own thoughts and imagination.

i started today…

i’m going to post my images on my photography journal. i would like to commit to taking photos every day. i know the more i photograph, the more i will grow. but this is about being authentic. and real life tends to happen. especially with little ones. so instead of feeling the pressure to create, i will commit to posting as often as i can. a few images each day. or a few each week. whatever feels right. because i want to see what i see. i want to do this. and i am excited to start this new journey. after all, pictures make me happy.

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Janet - I love that color blue.

I think you will be so happy with this blog when you are OLD like me. These are just wonderful ways to document all of the important things in life. When your kids are older and they ask “Mom, how old was I when I started to crawl?” you will actually know the answer and not have to guess.


Rose - Tracy I love what you’re doing here. And I love the soft color palette you created in this image.

stacey - Yes!! I’ve been trying to pay more attention to the little details in my life and photograph them. It’s a discipline.

LOVE this egg shot!!

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