my little space

i dreamed about it for a long time. conjured up images of a cozy little space that was all my own. a nook. with a comfy chair and a bookshelf. a place to read + relax.

and i finally have it…

in my very busy life, i need some space. some quiet. some calm. and this is where i find it. in a corner of our bedroom. the chair is the glider i sat in to nurse both of my boys. and rock them to sleep when they were tiny babies. it is so comfortable. and familiar. and full of good memories. like a well worn soft sweater.

the bookshelf is filled with a random assortment of books and magazines. some i am reading now. some i have already finished. and plenty that i want to read. there is quite a range in reading materials:

  • artful blogging magazine
  • shutter sisters expressive photography book
  • the first of the twilight series books that i have not opened yet but plan to savor on a very specific weekend this summer
  • tori spelling’s latest book (yes, i have read all of her books because i can relate to her as a mom. she even got married on the very same day that i did – odd coincidence)
  • eckhart tolle’s a new earth
  • 1-2-3 magic (child discipline book that does work like magic when we follow it)
  • seeing the everyday magazine which has the most beautiful photographs + stories
  • and one of my favorite magazines, whole living

with the window shutters turned down, the most beautiful afternoon light spills in on my little space. but my most favorite time to sit there is at night. with only the bedside lamp on to give the room a warm glow. i can enjoy the silence in the house as all of the boys are sleeping.

it is the space i go to when i am having a really great phone conversation with a friend. often enjoying a cup of hot green tea. and rocking in my glider.

although i have this space, i don’t use it as often as i could. because i am always on the go. with an endless to do list. but this cozy place is here for me anytime i need it. so i am going to give myself the time to enjoy it just a little more. because it feeds my soul.

where is your little space?

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stacey - I love your little space. And I love your list of books, magazines. I haven’t heard of a few of those magazines and must take a look.

I posted a pic of my space on IG the other day. Did ya see it? :)

janet - That’s a beautiful space, I love gliders.
My space has moved to different places in the house as family dynamics changed. I now have my daughter’s old room and I love it…so much so, that I kind of get perturbed when someone enters my space. Yikes!

liza - I love how you completely customized your little space…even though, it’s a cozy corner in your bedroom. Kudos to you for staking your ground. It seems that my quiet space in the kitchen. Yes, the kitchen. I’ve created an office space in a small corner in the kitchen just for me…down to the extra girlie filing storage boxes!!

Liza - Thanks so much for sharing Tracy. I too dreamed of a quite little corner to read and reflect. I got a whole room (although it still needs some tidying). Isn’t it fun taking a seed, an idea, a dream and bringing it to life?

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