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teeny tiny feet. 2 lbs 11 oz.
one year + 23 lbs later…
my niece was born 11 weeks early. you can read about her birth and homecoming. we just celebrated her first birthday. photos coming soon…

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stacey - I love the comparison you did here. It really is amazing how they grow, isn’t it?? From two pounds to 23 pounds…amazing.

Beautiful sweet toes, Tracy.

Naomi - Amazing! What a miracle! LOve those little toes :)

Rhonda - ah LOVE these!!!!!! great light!

Andrea - Tiny little baby! So cute! I have a thing for baby toes…you’ll see when I get to posting mine (late, again!)

Heidi - I love the comparison you did. You just want to eat those toes right up!

Heather - Amazing little miracle girl! I have a niece who is currently 4 lbs. and in the NICU, so similar story. Born weighing 1 lb. 3.8 oz. at almost 24 weeks. I am amazed at what “feisty” babies can overcome and accomplish. Plus the amazing staff of doctors and nurses and the technology to help these babies thrive. I LOVE your photos when she was so tiny. Just beautiful…that’s one thing I regret, I can’t get to my niece to photograph her. My brother lives out of state.

tracey - I love the comparison of the two shots. I hopped over to read the birth story, which brought tears to my eyes. How little and precious babes are! Have a good weekend T.

michelle s. - Totally beautiful shots. :)

Jessica - congrats!!!!!!

sara - awww. what a sweet entry this week!
from 2 to 23…such a blessing!

happy birthday baby!

janet - Isn’t it amazing how tiny 2 lbs 11 oz is, how toes look like tiny pieces of corn, how perfectly developed everything is,and how once they past that hurdle, they just grow so fast.
So sweet!

Amanda - I can’t think of a better post—this one melts my heart. Such a reminder of how far my little guy has come. You can never take enough photos of their feet. Just beautiful Tracy!

Heather M. - oh, these are so precious. take my breath away…

Jenn - Okay, this just made me cry. So incredibly beautiful. And happy!

liza - these are powerful shots. Happy birthday to your beautiful niece.

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