warm winter

it has been warm down here in south florida. unseasonably warm. like around 80 degrees every afternoon. living in a climate that is boiling h-o-t for most of the year, i look forward to the cooler weather that comes with wintertime. (let’s be real here, it never really gets that cold this close to the equator.)  but this year we’ve only had a few cool days and nights. i crave more of that crisp scarf + jeans weather.

i’ve been moaning and complaining a bit about it lately. wishing for more cooler weather. wanting what i don’t have.

time for a shift in my thinking. time to embrace what i am being given. the most beautiful and perfect weather. days of no humidity and no extreme heat. sunshine in excess. beautiful breezes. time to be grateful for what i do have and stop focusing on what is not.

the occasional cool day will arrive here and there. and i’ll wrap my new grey scarf around my neck and soak it up when it happens.

in the meantime, i am going to enjoy all of the things that i can do in these beautiful warm winter days…

  • get back to my running program at the park down the road
  • open the sunroof on the minivan and blast some adelle
  • take family walks with the boys in the wagon
  • spend a little extra time letting the boys run around after school while chatting with friends
  • wear my favorite flip flops all the time
  • take lots of photos of the boys playing in the front yard in the magic sunset light with out freezing my fingers off

bubbles courtesy of tate’s new bubble blower.

how are you spending your winter days?

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Renee @ Renee Yemma Photogrphy - Oh yes…I was like you when I lived down there…but after living in the cold for 3 years (and it’s pretty cold here this month in New Orleans) I dream of waking up in January and February doing exactly what you just posted. Luckily here the cold doesn’t last long…but in Virginia…I didn’t do well with it – mainly b/c I hardly saw the sun for 6 months. So yeah, I appreciate the weather SO much more in FL than ever – I always say I’d never complain about FL again when I get back down there…although, San Diego has the weather you were talking about…and i do love San Diego!! hehe!! Love all the pics!! i’ll have to get C a bubble machine!! :) FUN!! :)

Jessica - Love your perspective and the awesome bubble photos. I’m working on opening up to my life as it is, too, so it’s nice to hear your thoughts as you walk the path of “yes”.

Janet - My daughter lives in Phoenix and complains about the heat constantly. Being from MN, she misses the season changes and being able to wear jeans and a sweatshirt more often than a handful of nights. (At least it’s a dry heat)hahahahaha
You don’t even get that relief in Florida, do you? I remember a few times we’ve been in Florida in June, and OMG it is a tad bit sticky. We usually complain about our frigid winters and piles of snow, but this year…nothing.
You are so right, we just need to be happy with what we have.
Enjoy! ;-)

tracey - I am so loving these bubble shots. I haven’t done bubble photos in a while. Kids are getting older and they come out less. You’ve inspired me. :)

liza - Can you imagine trying to blow bubbles in the cold of winter. They might freeze. Looks like fun times to me!

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