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i have kids. and i’m busy. and tired. there are lots of things to do in my everyday world. so to me, this is the picture of true romance. my husband washing the dishes.

romance: a novel or other prose narrative depicting heroic or marvelous deeds

it might not be a story in a book, but isn’t this a marvelous deed?

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Jessica - Sounds like we have a similar idea today, doesn’t it? I am with you all the way– my man doing chores is very romantic!

janet - Ah yes, I agree. I always thought it was great when my husband would do everyday chores with no prompting from me.
Nice photo!!

Renee @ Renee Yemma Photogrphy - oh yes! i agree!! i always tell my husband he looks so hot when he does the dishes!! lol. :)

Jenn - It is marvelous.

“i have kids. and i’m busy. and tired.” I hear you, sista.

Have a great weekend!

Naomi - Doing the dishes is very romantic for sure!!! Love the photo.

tracey - uh, yes! I’m thinking you have a pretty cool hubby. :) Happy weekend!

Heather M. - love it. i thought of taking a photo of hubby doing dishes too. :) it’s one of the best things when they wash the dishes, i think.

sara - nothing more romantic in my book!

stacey - Yep! It’s the best!
Love how we had the same idea this week :)

Andrea - Ok, some of these husbands need to talk to my husband! Seriously! LOL. This is a great shot. Sounds like you have a good guy there. :)

Carla K - Perfect. I hate doing dishes. Love how everyone is on the same page this week. :)

Heidi - Not only is it a heroic deed, but I’d say pretty heroic too!

I love how most of us are praising our hubbies for the little things they do :)

michelle s. - Heroic and Marvelous indeed!! :)

Amanda - After a long day at work sometimes nothing’s more romantic than this! I couldnt agree more!

liza - I’ll be glad when my husband comes home on Saturday to shower me with this romance. He’s been gone too long and we all miss him for so many reasons, especially for the little things.

BTW, Tracy…Sounds like we live very close. It might be fun to try to meet up for one of the challenges…LMK.

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