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i call this the ultimate 4 year old spirit. soccer spirit that is.

his older cousins play soccer and he just adores them. so he wants to play soccer too. we went to one of their soccer games a few weeks ago and now it is all he can think about. (except for star wars…)

this week he started a soccer program at the ymca. he was so excited that he insisted on wearing his soccer clothes (including a soccer jersey that used to belong to one of his cousins) to school. when it was time for his practice, we left with him dressed in full soccer gear including his cleats (which are really baseball cleats, but at his age cleats are just cleats) and a soccer ball. after 45 minutes of running up and down the field, he still wanted to stay after and play a little longer.

yes, i’d say he has caught the soccer spirit. big time.

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Jenn - We have that same spirit in our house too, also with a 4 year old. Don’t you just love seeing how “into” stuff they get? And the uniform thing cracks me up too – same thing in our house. :)

I especially love that third photo.

Andrea - Sounds like he’s got some serious soccer spirit going on! I love to see kids just go for it in sports – they know nothing but to give it their all. :)

Heidi - When my six year old first started soccer 2 years ago, he wanted to wear his uniform all the time! Watching little ones play soccer is one of the cutest things on the planet.

michelle s. - These are fabulous. I love how you edited them. So dreamy and warm.

tracey - Love it when I see a kid catch the sport fever, wanting to wear their get up to school and to bed. Loved that you captured his spirit!

Liza Lake - Get ready for a fun but busy time. We did the soccer thing with Tyler for years and it is a big commitment but also very fun.

Jean - new to linked 52.

i love soccer. a niece of mine says my family is the soccer family… most of us play(ed) soccer. some people don’t understand soccer, but that’s because they don’t have the spirit <3

stacey - It’s so fun to see them get so excited about something, isn’t it? Love the SUN in these photos! I’m so missing the sun!!

Heather M. - totally awesome. love these photos so much.

janet - I love when kids are really interested in something, soccer is a great sport for his spirit to get interested in.
Great photos.

janet - I love when kids are really interested in something. What better sport to lift his spirits.

sara - love it!
especially that last shot :)

liza - We are six years into the soccer spirit. Once you catch it, it’s hard to let go. It’s fun and exhausting all in one. Have fun!

Amanda - Oh how I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these colors and the softness of these photos really captures “spirit.”

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