project life | january + february

well, they finally arrived! my project life photo pocket pages in design a are in my binder! and all of the photos and journaling cards that I have been working on since the beginning of the year are happily tucked inside. pages are done. weeks are complete. oh how happy this makes me!

for the first time since i picked up my dslr camera 4 and a half years ago, my photos no longer live only on my computer. i have a family journal now. a record of our days + weeks. pages to touch. stories to read.

i have learned a few thing in the past two months since starting project life.

  • i am the one that is telling the story of our family. from my perspective. in my voice. so stories are written as i see them happening. unless mark wants to contribute a story here and there, then it will be in his words.
  • i asked mark to send me his iphone photos so that he can be part of the story telling too. he has been so good about doing this.
  • i need to be included in this journal. writing about what i like and what i see and how i feel.
  • you can forget things really fast. after putting my photos and journaling cards into my pocket pages last week, i flipped through to read what I had written. and i had already forgotten some of the little details and funny stories.
  • one day this journal will be a sort of time capsule. so i want to include things like the books we are reading now, how much gas cost (yikes!), the kids favorite toys and all sorts of other everyday things that are part of our lives today.
  • write down the funny moments and little stories immediately! Becky Higgins wrote a post about it here. she is right. pull out your phone and type yourself an email. or leave yourself a voicemail. just do it right away. before the details fade.  so you don’t forget. even by the end of the day, i can be really unsure about the details of the funny story or what exactly was said.
  • i have been writing a week in review card each week. this keeps track of the date, the week and all the things that happened. i mentioned before that i am a chronological order kind of girl. this helps me to keep each week in order and still filling in all the things i want to remember. it started out as a small 3×4 “happenings” card. but around week 4 it morphed into a 4×6 “our week in review” card. what makes this so easy? using the day one app. what makes this journaling app so much better than the zillion others out there? it reminds you to write down your day. i have it on my iphone and my mac. whenever it pops up, i type in a few things about the day. that is it. done. at the end of the week, i just copy and paste from my day one journal on my mac onto my week in review card. super easy and done fast. (both the week in review card and the day one app were inspired by cathy zielske. check out her project life posts.)

here are a few pages and favorite little pieces from january + february:

title page with printable 2012 project life downloads from cathy zielske found here.

week 2 had lots of photos from our disney trip for tate’s second birthday. i printed two journaling cards listing the boy’s favorite things. i included some of the green and purple mickey confetti from the parade. i made a template for six instagram photos on one 4×6 print. (since i love using instagram and take iphone photos all the time, i am including this 6 photo instagram collage print in each week’s layout.)  i also put quinn’s jedi training academy certificate in a 8.5×11 sheet protector.

week 3, the full spread.

this week i cut part of the a snack bag of the boy’s new favorite chocolate pretzels, used a stamp i found in the dollar bin at michael’s craft store that says delight in the little things and used these photo templates from paislee press to print the photo collages.

a close-up of some details about a family trip to ikea. the photo of quinn at the desk was taken with my iphone. i folded up the shopping list quinn wrote on and tucked it into a pocket.

in week 4, i changed over to a 4×6 week in review card inspired by this post from cathy zielske.

a story about quinn right next to the photo of his lemonade stand. i found an image of the olivia book online and took a screenshot to include it on the journaling card.

our valentine’s day included a journaling card detailing what we did, quinn’s thumbprint artwork from preschool, love you clipart from paislee press, photos from quinn’s preschool party, valentine’s day breakfast and quinn’s school valentines, an instagram photo of quinn and his valentine’s day present along with the story of how he found it early and a picture that quinn drew in an 8.5×11 page protector clipped into this week.

note #1: i am working on improving the quality of the photos of my project life pages.

note #2: it looks like tate is not in our project life journal from the few pages i showed here, but i promise my little man is in plenty of stories + photos!

please share with me your project life or however you are journaling your life…

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Renee @ The Calm Mama - oh my gosh!! this really brought tears to my eyes…it’s BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!

janet - Wow!!! I am very impressed. I have told myself a million times I am going to do this…and I have not.
Keep at it, you will be soooo glad you did.
Also, from one who has had a house fire, you might want to photograph your pages…just in case something horrible would happen. (such a downer I am)

Jenn - I love your pages! I just finished up mine from last week. I’m worried if I get behind I’ll never get caught up. I feel like my journaling is awkward but I figure I’ll just be glad to have it. I need to get better at writing things down as they happen.

Liza Lake - Beautiful Tracy!

tracey - oh. my. goodness. Can I pay you to come do this for me? Ha!

Heidi - This is amazing! I’ve known about PL for a long time, but never purchased it. Your photos make me want to go order right now!

And anyway you’d share your template of the 4×6 Instagram pics? I would love to use that. Where do you print your pictures at?

stacey - Once again, SO IMPRESSED!!! Wow!!

Liza - How do you like that album? I’ve always wanted to try it.

Amanda - This is amazing!!!! Where did you order this binder through? I am love of this idea! I used to be a avid scrapbooker until my little guy turned 5 months old and I fell off the wagon. Again AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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