me in six words | march 2012

express yourself. that was the focus of the february edition of the oprah magazine. the cover was beautiful + inspiring. the background was hand drawn by a chalk-lettering designer named Dana Tanamachi. a woman who started a little business from her own unique talent + passion. being exactly who she is landed her creative vision on the cover of a national magazine. (and she even got to meet oprah too!) i am fascinated by people who follow their passion. people who are authentic. their genuine selves. what does dana’s story tell me? be true to you. be authentic. be real. follow your heart. do what you love.

inside of this issue of the oprah magazine, i was also drawn to an article called you in six words. it is about sharing your story in six words. like a mini-memoir.

i began to think about what my story would be in six words. who i am. what i am all about. right now. and then i thought about how those six words would probably be different in a month or so. how life would change and so would i. so why not write down my own story from time to time? in just six words… and a photo.



what is your story in six words? share it with me in the comments below or link to wherever your six words are…

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michelle s. - I am happy with being me. :)

stacy - Trying to find peace and simplicity.

janet - There is a reason for everything.

Haydee - {becoming a mom changed my life}

~thanks tracy for the daily dose of inspiration~

tracey - what a great exercise T. I like your six words. Believe it or not, I could actually ditto your six words. It’s been a long hard last several years. Since Oct 11 I’ve been seeing the fog lift. It’s good to feel myself again. :)

Andrea - Love this concept. Might have to try it! I’m not sure what my six words would be, but you’ve got me thinking!

Rhonda - trying to do my best everyday.
(Lovely idea!)

Liza Lake - Living life and REALLY loving it!

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