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this is the lone pepper from the plant by my front door. i brought it home from the local plant nursery with high hopes of eating fresh peppers. but since the plant is only about a foot and a half tall. and starting to wilt. and the pepper is smaller than tate’s fist. and there is only one pepper on the plant, i’d say that i won’t be making a gourmet feast with our home grown vegetable anytime soon.

same goes for my little tomato plant.

at least my herbs are still thriving. basil, parsley, mint, rosemary and something else that i can’t quite remember. they are all living. and growing against all odds. (oh, my brown thumb is the “all odds.”) and probably also in part due to to the unseasonably warm weather down here in florida. at least i’ll be able to season my food with fresh herbs.

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Amanda - You don’t do a post that I don’t just love…even you can make vegetables look dreamy!

Jenn - We have the opposite problem up here, there’s just not quite enough heat to make peppers thrive. Love how you photographed it – soft and dreamy with a pop of colour.

stacey - Oh….poor little pepper. But lovely photos, as always, Tracy!!

michelle s. - Sweet little lonely pepper. I have so much frustration about growing my own food. I want to. I try. I dream about it. But I live in the cold, dark north and it’s just really hard. This theme is depressing me. ;) Glad your herbs are thriving!

Kristin - at least it’s a lovely little lonely pepper! beautiful photos!

Naomi - What a cute little pepper! Sounds like my luck with gardening! love these photos, love the light!

sara - oooooh the light is just divine.
lovely, LOVELY shots tracy!

tracey - Hang on little pepper, hang on!!!!!!

tracey - …and I do love these simple photos. :)

janet - It’s a cute pepper though. Try cutting the plant back to let it grow and bush out. We have a pepper plant that we bring indoors for winter that gas little peppers. I just keep hacking it back. Good luck with your veggies.

Heather - You certainly know how to work that light. It’s beautiful in these images and I’m loving the way the red and green compliment one another.

Jean - i love peppers! hoping to get some thai chili peppers going this year! hope your pepper makes it!

Andrea - Oh this cute little red pepper reminds me of the little Christmas tree that Charlie Brown picks-out and decorates. :)
Fresh herbs are the best! (And for some crazy reason I thought you lived in CA, not FL…)

Rhonda - oh man I love these!!!! lovely soft light… you made a dying pepper look peaceful :)

Heidi - What a vibrant but lonely pepper. I don’t have a green thumb at ALL, so that’s why I leave all the gardening to my Dad and reap the rewards from his garden :)

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