rain puddles

it rained. poured buckets actually. and after every good rainstorm, the most amazing light appeared. reflecting off the pavement.

the boys were bouncing off the walls so we took a quick walk down the block. tate in the wagon and quinn practicing how to ride his bike. mark with his golf club and me with my camera. i wanted to get a few shots of quinn riding his bike for our project life journal. he thought it was pretty funny to try and run me over with his bike as i stood on the sidewalk in front of him. i was his target. great motivation for him to pedal fast.

on our way back home, tate decided he wanted out of the wagon. the lure of the giant rain puddles we passed was just too much for him to resist. so i took off his shoes and let him run in the water. quinn joined him. and together they splashed, ran, kicked and laughed. oh, and got soaking wet. they both ended up falling in the puddle. quinn might have helped tate “fall” in the puddle…

i tried to stay out of the splash zone with my camera. and i happily took lots of photos before my battery died.

the wind picked up a bit so we raced home to get our wet boys into a warm bubble bath.

don’t you remember playing in the rain puddles as a kid? sometimes it is the simple things in life that are the most fun.

i just love when photo opportunities find me with my camera in hand. little happy life moments. like playing in rain puddles.

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Brenda - Oh yes – one of my great childhood memories was when our mothers would let us go outside in the rain in our bathing suits (only if no lightening was in evidence). This was SUCH great fun – floating things down the street in the rushing rainwater, dancing around in the warm summer rain. Heaven!

michelle s. - I love the driveway pond! There is nothing better to kids that standing water after a great rainstorm. :)

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