cooking on saturdays

saturday mornings have become a time for me to cook and create in the kitchen. and i love to cook. but during the week life is just a bit too busy to really enjoy cooking. now saturdays are a different story. we are not running out of the house for preschool drop-off and pick-up. no soccer or random errands to run. life slows down. mornings are a bit more relaxed. and it is just me and the boys since mark works on the weekends. quinn is usually happy to play with his toys and tate just follows along. i’m not saying that it is a totally peaceful time for me to be cooking in the kitchen. i have to stop many times to make snacks, play peacemaker, find lost lego pieces and about a hundred other things that little boys need from their mommy. but in between it all,       i turn the food network on the tv and find a little time for me.

after breakfast this morning, i flipped through a few pages of martha stewart’s everyday food magazine. (my favorite food magazine with the most beautiful photos + delicious recipes.) i found a recipe for caramelized onion soup. i love onions. and onion soup. and i had all of the ingredients on hand. so i made a pot of this caramelized onion soup. cooked it up in my beautiful aqua martha stewart cast iron pot. (that alone should make it taste good because it was so pretty when it was cooking.) and it was one of the best onion soups i’ve ever tasted! pretty simple to make. just an hour of stirring the onions from time to time. toss in a few basic ingredients and voila. yummy soup. with a little fresh parsley from my plant outside to top it off.

now i get to sit down and enjoy a bowl while tate naps and quinn plays lego star wars on the wii… happy saturday!

the recipe for caramelized onion soup can be found on page 31 of the march 2012 issue of everyday food magazine. if you can’t find it, i’ll send you the recipe…

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Jenn - I wonder if that issue is still on the stands, it looks great. And that looks like an article about Tamar Adler on the opposite page. I’m just reading her book and am completely in love with the way she cooks.

janet - Mmmm, looks delicious.

Renee @ The Calm Mama - i just love it! beautiful…i also love how cooking is so meditative, too. but that’s in the past for now…before C…i’m the same way…always having to tend to her while cooking. but it’s nice you’re able to do it!! :)

Liza Lake - Yum!

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