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this was the beginning of him being sick. he climbed in our bed with his favorite blankets and his stuffed doggie. tired. quiet. calm. sleepy. feverish. he pretty much stayed underneath his blanket for the next few days…

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Jenn - Poor little one, hope he’s feeling better. There’s something about being sick and getting to crawl into mom & dad’s bed that makes everything that much better.

Naomi - aww poor little guy. Hope he’s feeling better! Nothing like a little snuggling to feel better :)

michelle s. - Sad. I hate when they are sick. :( Hope he’s feeling better.

Rhonda - aw poor guy!! Hope he gets better!

tracey - Awwww, I don’t like it when the kids are sick, but I love that they settle down and their bodies are still and quiet and they just want to lay under a blanket on the couch. Hope he’s feeling better!

sara - poor thing :(
hope he’s feeling better!

Heidi - Love it! When I first saw the theme I immediately thought of taking a picture “underneath” the covers, but changed my mind. I love how they want to lay in our beds when they’re sick.

janet - That’s the perfect place to be when you don’t feel well.
Great black & white.

janet - Mom’s bed is The place to be when you’re sick.
Great B&W!

stacey - The ONLY advantage to sick time is cuddle time. Hope he’s feeling better soon!!

Andrea - Poor little guy. Why are they so darn cute and cuddly when they are sick though? Hope he’s feeling better soon.

Heather M. - so very sweet. hope he’s feeling better now.

Kristin - poor little dude, hope he’s feeling better!

Liza - …and he looks so comfy and cozy. So sweet!

Amanda - Tis the season for sickness—hate seeing these little guys under the weather! Hope he feeling better. In the meantime he looks absolutely adorable wrapped up underneath that blanket.

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