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when you work hard, you get to reward yourself with a little sun + fun. we have all been so busy working hard – quinn at preschool, mark at his job and some other work ventures, tate with being two and me with a very full life. it was time to have some fun. so we took a family trip to the beach yesterday.

it might seem like we went really far, but the beach is only a quick 30 minute drive from our house. but a family trip to the beach does require quite a bit of preparation + packing. so after a stop at my parent’s house to get the beach umbrella + chair and then a detour to target to buy quinn a water shirt and me kelle hampton’s new book, bloom, we were finally on our way to the beach. we unloaded kids, sand toys, beach towels, snacks, my camera and all of the other necessary beach gear and found a little spot near the water. the boys couldn’t wait to get their feet wet. seeing them standing on the beach made me realize how much they have grown since the last time we brought them to the beach at the end of last summer. time is moving way too fast. as always.

i have lived in the ft. lauderdale area my entire life (give or take a few years for school and living in texas) and i have never seen the water look more b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l. it was peaceful and calm. almost crystal clear. the sunlight just shimmered off of the water. so sparkly. i could see all of the tiny sea shells under the water on the ocean floor. i could also see the schools of tiny fish swimming by my feet, which really freaked me out. i’m just not a touchy-feely nature kind of girl. but it was the most perfect beach day weather ever. sunny skies. a little ocean breeze. not scorching hot. smooth, flat water. it kind of felt like we were on a little vacation somewhere far away… a girl can dream, right?

i never venture in the ocean past my knees because it is usually so murky and filled with floating seaweed. and i don’t like not knowing what might be swimming under the water near me. but today was different. after getting used to the slightly chilly water, we all went in for a dip. tate loved it the most.

quinn didn’t really want to go in the water. he had fun searching for sea shells by the edge of the water and letting his feet sink in the sand as the water washed over them. once tate got used to the tiny waves that washed up on the shore, he ran around chasing them. he kept yelling beech and wawa.

the boys didn’t want to help daddy build a sandcastle, so he helped them collect some sea shells.

this beach adventure was the reward for some hard work put in by everyone over the past few months. it was a fun morning. and there were no giant meltdowns. (hooray!) we really should do this more often.

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Hanne - Love these Beach photos! I’m sure you had a wonderful time and your boys surely had fun. Best compliments on your blog – and enjoy your weekend! Greetings from Tuscany, Italy

Jenn - That water looks gorgeous, love the fun relaxing day you have.

Your photos always make me yearn for warmer places. :)

michelle s. - These shots are breaking my heart. I crave the beach. The fact that you live so close makes me green with envy. ;) The water is amazing. sigh…..

Andrea - That water is amazing! I’ve been to the beach in Miami once and the water was like nothing I’ve ever seen. Sure, we have the beach here in Washington, but it’s dark and cold and murky looking.
Glad you got a break from your work! :)

tracey - It really does look like a perfect day! My first thought when I saw the first photo was how lovely that water looked! We are used to the murky Pacific Ocean, so your photos really look like a tropical vaca get away!

Jean - that is vacation to me! that’s beautiful. at least u don’t have to drive too far to see something beautiful like that!

as much as i love nature. . . i am skeptical about water. i don’t swim, but love going on boat/pontoon rides. . . and at least the water there is clean enough to see. =) i have NEVER been to the ocean, let alone… fly on an airplane!!!

Veronica - these are some beautiful moments at the beach, and your boys are lovely!

Naomi - These are gorgeous! I envy you being only 30 mins from the ocean! Looked like such a lovely time! Ps….how is the book bloom? I need to read it!

sara - so glad you were able to take a day to get away and rest as a family!

every time i see you post it makes me want to come for a visit.
i adore your “backyard” ;)

liza - We have had some gorgeous beach weather these past few weeks. Glad to see that you had the chance to enjoy it. We’ve been poolside more than at the beach these days. That will have to change.

stacey - I am SO envious that you live so close to the beach. If I lived to close I think I’d be there every other day. :)
These photos are so lovely!!

Heather M. - wow, i’m jealous here too! wishing we lived close to water like that – amazing!

and how’s kelle’s book? are you enjoying it?

Heidi - What colorful, beautiful shots. I’m so jealous you live so close to such a beautiful place. I would never get any work done – I would run away to the beach all the time!

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