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we have these giant royal palm trees in our front yard. two of them. they are tall. very very tall. like 35 feet tall. our own personal landmark when giving directions to our house. able to withstand hurricane force winds. with branches that look so tiny from the ground.

they provide quite a bit of shade for the front yard. the place where we take the boys every night before bath + dinner time. the place where they play any and every sport that they can squeeze into outside time.

these trees are so grand. firmly rooted and standing tall + proud. they might not look so big from far away.

but up close and next to a 4 year old, their true size can be seen.

nothing says florida like big, giant palm trees…

peek at trees through the lens of these girls also participating in this linked 52: Stacey, Michelle, Tracey, Heather, Andrea, Jenn, Jessica, Amanda, Amanda, Sara, Lesli, Janet, Naomi, Rhonda, Rose, Carla, Heidi, Kristin, Heather, Amy, Liza, Veronica and Jean.

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Jenn - Our families are so similar yet, everytime I look at your photographs I can’t believe how far away from each other. To me a palm tree is only something you see when we’re vacationing.

I adore that second one.

Heather M. - wow, those trees are just incredible. i can’t imagine having them in my front yard. beautiful photos.

Andrea - I heart palm trees. :) They always remind me of vacation. They do look huge!!

Naomi - Awesome palm trees! They remind me of vacation and I think they are so cool. So different from trees around where I live. Such cute boys too :)

Amanda - I love seeing trees and landscapes that are nothing like those I am surrounded by everyday here in MN. :) Thanks for the peek.

Rhonda - I was so excited the first time I SAW a palm tree!!! I think like Jenn – palm trees mean vacation! Love the shot of your son next to the tree trunk!

stacey - I love that you took that last photo to give it perspective. :)
As much as I love the trees in the midwest I LOVE me a palm tree!! Soak up some sun for me!!

Jessica - having just moved to Florida from Montana, these palm trees are a pretty different experience for us. I’m still not sure what I think of them. Love your photos!!

Would you please update the link you have for me to reflect my new blog site? It is now

Appreciate it.

Jessica - OK, scratch that. I just thought about it and remembered that they are beautiful, tropical, amazing to look at, and they really do withstand crazy force. And they are all over the place down here!

michelle s. - WOW! Those are huge! I’m such a tree shade lover. I’d love to have big trees like that in our yard… although palms might look a little weird in WA state. ;)

Jean - i love the big trees in our yard.. they keep the house cool and electric bill down :)

i ought to experience palm trees one day…. :)

tracey - I love love love palm trees. I love that last shot of your little one at the base of the giant. :) We have palm trees here but something about the Florida light is much different than here. When we go to Santa Barbara there is a long row of palms that I love. Your photos reminded me of them.
Have a good weekend T!

Carla - I adore palm trees. I always take pictures of myself next to them on vacation even though you can never see the top. Love the pics.

janet - Wow, those are huge.
The first time I went to Florida, it felt so strange. All the plants and trees and smells are so different from MN.

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