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i spent the past seven days documenting our everyday life. from the time i woke up until the time i went to sleep (way too late every night as usual), i snapped photos + wrote down what we were doing. why? because i took part in ali edward’s week in the life 2012. it is all about recording your life in photos + words for an entire week. in detail.

i wanted to participate in this project last year because i knew my life would be so much different 12 months later. but i didn’t do it. not enough time. not sure where to begin. filled with desire but no time for action. whatever the long list of reasons why i didn’t do it, the bottom line is that i didn’t do it. and i regret it. but i’m not going to dwell on it. instead i made the choice to begin this year.

i used both my big camera and my iphone to document. i made a conscious effort to really use the big camera as much as possible. i had it slung over my shoulder and across my chest most days. it just became a natural extension of me. the more i had it with me, the less conscious i was about it being there – at target, at preschool, at cracker barrel. i tend to get a bit self-conscious when i pull out my camera in public places that are not deemed a “kodak picture place”.  but i did it. and ended up with some moments of real life that i wouldn’t normally have shot. and of course i have lots + lots of iphone photos too.

as my seven days of documenting with words + photos comes to an end, i want to remember all the thoughts that are bubbling up in my head about this week…

  • i was able to take just a few photos of little moments and feel like i got it. i didn’t need to take a million frames of the same thing. more confidence in my view from behind the camera and less work editing later. a very happy lesson.
  • there really are so many little things that go on in a single day. on a regular basis. part of our daily routine. and it is so easy for those things to go unnoticed. it felt so good to really take the time to notice them. and then document them.
  • i want this week in the life project to be a time capsule for our family. a way to hold onto this time when i am in my last year of my 30′s and my boys are still little. the beginning of mark’s new venture into real estate. a fresh start that spring always brings. this is a time in our lives that will never happen again. it will never be repeated just like it was this week. and now we can keep these memories for always. things to look back on and smile.
  • even the ordinary is worth remembering. the messes. the temper tantrums of a little boy just starting the terrible twos. the four year old who changes his clothes about five times a day depending on which sport he is playing. the meals. the drive to preschool. family dinner at the table each night. because these ordinary things are what makes up our extraordinary lives.
  • this project was a week in the life of our whole family, so mark took photos of his day away from us and sent them to me.
  • this week went by way too fast! looking back now, i could have taken even more photos than i did, but then this brings me to the next thing i learned…
  • i have officially filled up my imac hard drive with photos! completely full. it is time to finally finish burning all of my photo files onto dvd and get them off of my imac. right now a copy of every photo i have taken from 2010, 2011 + 2012 is on my imac hard drive. i also have a copy of all of these files on an external hard drive. but i fear deleting these files from my imac hard drive until i know that i have double back up files (external hard drive and dvd) – just to be safe. looks like i’ll be spending lots of time burning dvds.
  • it is easy to forget to be in photos. i had to keep reminding myself.  my wireless remote and self timer switch were my friends this week. and mark even snapped a few photos of me with his iphone too.
  • carrying my big camera around with me easily became a habit. putting it on my nightstand before going to bed so that i could take photos before my feet hit the ground in the morning (like the first image below). stashing it in my bag before leaving for preschool. carrying it around my shoulder in the grocery store. having it with me all the time gave me a new perspective on documenting all of those little moments. there was so much to notice in one regular, ordinary week in our lives. and this has opened up even more for what i want to include in our yearly project life journal.
  • and one more thing that i learned this week… tate started saying cheese every time he saw or heard my camera. even when it was on the shelf in our bedroom as i used the wireless remote to take a few photos of all of us on the bed watching the muppet movie. as soon as tate heard the click of the shutter, he said cheese!  i’m not quite sure where he learned that.

next step? putting all of these photo together into a photo book to tell the story of our week in the life 2012. i have found some creative inspiration on pinterest. it will take me some time to go through all of the photos and words that i recorded this week. but i will come out of it with what i hope to be the first of our annual week in the life books.

here are a few of the everyday moments from our week in the life 2012:

early morning

grocery shopping

mama hugs needed

a clean frog + lion

bedtime story


shopping with mommy


daddy’s home

lego aisle


bath time

after basketball nap in the car


papa’s phone

playing hide + seek

water squirter

shopping in the rain

getting organized

sunday family dinner (notice tate looking at the camera? he heard the click.)

everyday routine

laundry helper



washing dishes

my little

for mommy

cinnabun morning


rainy drive

i have so many more photos to go through. deciding what to include in the story of our week in the life will be hard. but i am excited to get it all put together and hold the photo book in my hands.

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stacey - These are all so fantastic!!

Fiona - Your photos are fantastic! I especially like how you took the bath tub one, to protect your boys’ privacy. Great snapshots of your everyday life! I look forward to seeing how you put it all together.

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