project life | march 2012

i have been keeping up with my weekly project life journal pages. and i am so happy with this project! i love it to pieces. i keep looking back over the past few months to see what we did and how life is flowing and moving forward.

so i was thinking about why i am sharing my project life pages here on my blog. and the thing that i kept coming back to was paying it forward. i found out about becky higgins’ project life because other people shared about it on their blogs. and i was inspired to document our everyday story because other people shared their lives through their project life pages.

i am doing project life my way – simple stories, simple design and lots of photos. but there are so many creative and talented people out there doing project life their own way. and i love to see how they put their project life pages together. i gather inspiration from them. (check out the project life creative team for some amazing inspiration.) so perhaps sharing my project life journal will inspire someone else to document their very own life. in whatever way works for them. i want to pay it forward. pass it on. spread the love of project life. as becky higgins says, cultivate a good life and record it! 

in my pages from march, i’m seeing a pattern with a few things. i like the week in review card placed in the first pocket on the top left each week. it tells me the week and the date. i need that for my chronological order obsession. i am also keeping up with always including a 4×6 collage of six instagram photos each week. just random favorites i want to include from the week. the rest is just words + photos with a few fun things sprinkled in here and there – like quinn’s writing or drawings.

week 9 was spent outside playing in the nice weather.

i asked quinn to write his name on a blank journaling card. he also wrote tate’s name and drew a picture of his little brother. i love that quinn is getting involved in this project already.

i also noticed something interesting. as quinn is just learning how to draw stick figures, this is where he started out with the legs coming down from the head (so cute!). when i jump to week 13 (at the end of this post) i noticed how different the stick figures look because they include a body too. a tiny little change that happened in just a few weeks. something i wouldn’t have noticed if i was not documenting these things with project life!

quinn started soccer at the ymca this week and  i worked on editing photos. tate rode his green scooter bike and quinn played light sabers with daddy outside. an instagram photo and a little story from a grocery shopping trip with the boys.week 10 had the boys splashing in some puddles left by all the rain. i also included a few things going on with me.

we love to have dance parties in the office. i turn on itunes on the computer really loud and we all dance and sing together. i thought it would be fun to write down the names of the songs we danced to.mark got a photos of himself, quinn and my dad at the doral golf tournament they went to. it is only an iphone photo, but i’m happy that i can include it in this week. there is also a quote from quinn about what he wants to be when he grows up (darth vader’s clone trooper) and a card with our weekly routine. playing sports and a sick quinn too.week 11 included a visit from some family with photos and stories. and i love the photo of tate’s hair after he woke up from a nap.

i added a 6×12 pocket page to hold extra pictures from the st. patrick’s day parade we went to this week with my sister and her kids.

here is the back side of the 6×12 pocket page and the rest of the right side of the weekly pages. more everyday things like dinner, bike riding, going for a walk with tate in the red car, tate painting with watercolors, green ketchup for st. patrick’s day and our weekly instagram collage.

quinn’s funny quote this week. i believe he got it from peppa pig (a cartoon). a photo i took of spring flowers in bloom and the boys sharing some popcorn.

week 12 included quite a few instagram photos including the fridge magnets on the side of my car, quinn’s artwork, my newly organized pantry and tate’s first hockey game. i also included the lego x-wing star fighter that daddy built for quinn to take to show and tell this week, a photo of quinn’s organized legos on his bedroom shelf, some food photography i’m working on and what is inside of our kitchen cabinets today – because those colorful sippy cups and little plastic bowls and plates will not be there forever. but they are there now.week 13 included a cute story about tate and the blue puppet, my weekly six instagram photo collage, quinn’s and his friend coloring, some yellow tulips and tate working on his computer.

a silly quinn quote and my old dallas mavericks business card that quinn found this week. he wanted his name on the card, so he wrote it. funny that he found this card the same week i went to dinner with an old friend from the mavs while she was in town with the team for a game against the heat.

i used a lot of pictures that i customized to fit in the smaller pockets. some photos are instagram photos (like the miami skyline, the boys eating spaghetti and the cards with the two photos placed vertically) and some are from my big camera. i also included a photo of all the things that tate sleeps with in his crib each night.

quinn drew quite a few star wars pictures so we hung them in the playroom. i love all the little stick figures with light sabers! so i took a photo of the wall of art and added some text on the photo. so different from the stick figure of tate from week 9 above.

how are you documenting your life? i’d love to see it. leave a comment and share a link.

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Andrea - Ok, I keep seeing the Project Life posts from you and others, and I love it! But do you have to have a really great printer to print your own photos and the little cards with text?… Or do you plan which photos you want to use and get them printed elsewhere and then cut down to size?… It looks like so much fun, but it also looks like a LOT of work. But what great memories your kids will have!!

Naomi - wow, this is totally awesome. I’m so impressed. It looks like a lot of hard work! So cool! So I’m curious, like Andrea. How do you print these off??

Jenn - I love your album! Especially how you did those cute quote journaling cards, they’re perfect. And love how you printed the date on that last one. I might have to start doing that.

I’m up to date but I fell off the wagon with the journaling a bit. Kind of boring who what when where why stuff. But I’m still glad to be doing it – at the very least I get a week’s worth of photos printed. Though you’re going to be my inpsiration next week when I sit down to work on this week’s photos.

Pink Ronnie - Love the way you’re doing Project Life! Such clean, simple and vibrant spreads!
I’ve recently started doing Project Life myself, and am absolutely loving it. I always enjoy seeing other people’s spreads and glimpse their story. Miraculously, I’ve managed to keep at it every week since I started 5 weeks ago, though am lagging behind in my blog posts! If you’re interested, this is my week 16:
Your blog is beautiful too, am so glad I found it.
Ronnie xo

Fiona - Tracy, I just love your pages! They are so lovely. I love the simplicity of photos + words. Did you make the journalling cards yourself? Which fonts do you use? I am having a hard time not overdoing the photos in my album! Ha ha!! My pages are here:
Fiona xoxo

michelle s. - I’ve been reading ALL your project life posts and I’m 99% committed. Can I start in June? ;)

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