my one wild + precious life

“… but there’s beige, and there’s color. there’s one life and one wild and precious life.” ~ kelle hampton

i finished reading kelle hampton’s memoir, bloom. and these words from the last chaper titled becoming real really resonated with me. i stopped and read over these words again and again. they made me really think… what am i doing with my one wild and precious life? am i really living? being present for myself and for my family? am i making the most out of every day? creating an amazing life for myself? choosing to see the good? or am i just existing? floating along? reacting to things instead of preparing? am i waiting for things to happen so that i can then live my life?

why not now? why not live in full color today? enjoy the little moments. make things happen. create the life i dream about.

i am just approaching the last six months of my 30′s. yep, the big 4-0 is only half a year away. and i find myself reflecting on where i have been, what i have done and where i am going. but most importantly, what do i really want out of my the next half of my life? my one wild and precious life. it is only going to be what i make it to be. what i create and what i celebrate. what i focus on and what i let go of. what i love and how i live.

i don’t want to just exist in my one life. i want to really live my one wild and precious life.

kelle wrote bloom about finding the beauty in the unexpected. her second daughter was born with down’s syndrome, which she did not know until the moment her baby nella was born. i have been following kelle’s blog about her life and her family for over a year now. i went to the store to buy her book as soon as it was published last month. (i considered the e-book for my kindle app, but to fully experience this wonderful book you must get the print edition. it is filled with beautiful images that help to tell her story.) kelle’s writing in this book is just like her blog – so honest and real. i cried through a good portion of the book as my mother’s heart ached for her pain. but i also learned from her strength, courage and amazing view on moving forward. and loving life.

just after kelle’s book was published, i found out that she was having a book signing in her hometown of naples, florida – which just so happens to be a hour away from me on the other side of the florida everglades. i wanted to go and meet her. to say hello and tell her that her words and her story and her honesty touched me. they changed me. they encouraged me to really live my life.

but i hesitated. it seemed a bit silly to drive an hour away with these crazy gas prices just to meet someone who had no idea who i was. even though she felt like a friend. but, a friend who did not know me. i almost felt a bit like a crazy blog fan. i knew her life story. her kid’s names and faces along with lots of her other family and friends.  just when i had almost talked myself out of going, my good friend (who is a teacher and lover of books) told me this: if you have the chance to meet someone in person that has touched your life, the do it. just go and meet her. you will be so happy that you did.

so i did.

we made it a mini-family get away day. mark and the boys came with me. we drove over to naples. we had dinner with the kids and then headed over to the bookstore to meet kelle. she read from her book, she answered some questions and then i got in line to meet her. and she was so real and sweet. she chatted with me for a few minutes, signed my book and said hello to my boys. then we stopped at mcdonald’s to get the boys a treat for the drive back home. it was a good night.

my husband is so great for going with me. he even took a few photos of me and the boys meeting kelle. they didn’t exactly come out in focus. but he still gets an “a” for effort.

a few days after the book signing, kelle wrote about it on her blog. and guess who just happened to be in a photo meeting her in the blog post? yes, that is me and my boys…

i am happy that i went to meet kelle. i am filling my life with experiences now. not excuses and should haves. i am creating my very own wild and precious life. and i thank you kelle for putting your life out there with your honest writing. daring me to embrace whatever life gives me. challenging me to “look for the good… and you will find it.”

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stacy - I am in the middle of making a canvas for our bathroom with that statement! I love it! Kelle’s book was wonderful and she was as fabulous in “person” (we had a skype session) as I thought she’d be. Definitely an inspiration!

Jenn - I love that you made it a family trip to go see her! I used to read her blog but I haven’t in a while. I’m going to have to pick up that book.

Andrea - Love this quote! And I love that it has you thinking about your one wild and crazy life. :) I can’t wait to read this book. I have kinda been following Kelle’s blog for awhile and I saw you in her blog photos! :) So fun to see you!

Heather M. - oh my, this totally made me all teary eyed. i used to read her blog too but haven’t in a while. my mom has her book so i’m hoping to borrow it soon. i love that you went to meet her and you’ve give me so much to think about after reading this post.

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