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i’m a salty girl. potato chips are my downfall. keep your cupcakes, candies and sweets. just hand over the salted chips + fries and no one will get hurt!

yes, this is what temptation looks like to me…

see what temptation looks like to these girls also participating in linked 52: Stacey, Michelle, Tracey, Heather, Jenn, Jessica, Amanda, Amanda, Sara, Lesli, Janet, Naomi, Rhonda, Rose, Carla, Heidi, Kristin, Heather, Amy, Liza, Veronica, JeanĀ  and Kristi.

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Jenn - I love how you photographed the chips!

I’ll trade you my potato chips for your chocolate. :)

Kristi - I LOVE these photos. One thing I really want to get better at is taking pictures of food. Nicely done.

michelle s. - These pictures are how I feel when I eat chips with my husband. He salts them. It drives me crazy. ;) I’m going to show him your pics. He’ll love them.

tracey - Yep, instead of the photo of the ice cream in my fridge I could have moved up a few inches to capture the chip bags on top of the fridge. I LOVE CHIPS!!!!!!!! Your photos make me want to eat them right now!

Andrea - Salt on salted chips?…I may have to try that! When it comes to food temptations, I’m much more of a salty/savory gal than a sweets gal (unless it’s a pan of brownies staring at me, then I eat the entire pan!) But chips and Doritos, oh my Doritos get me every time…I could eat an entire bag.
And now I’d rather be eating chips for breakfast!

Naomi - I love these shots! Now i have a major sweet tooth but chips are my other downfall…..and I LOVE potato chips…kettle or they must have ridges or ruffles! :)

Heidi - I knew this theme would mean some food photography! Your pics are making my mouth water!! I much prefer salt over sweet any day.

Jean - omg! i can’t agree any more! i’m more of a salt girl, too!

elizabeth rosemond - Oh yes! I could have easily written this post. bring on the chips, fries and popcorn :)

Amanda - Salt…Mmmm Girl I am with you 100% on this one. I figure by 40 I will be put on a low sodium diet, so I am going to enjoy it now while it lasts!

Jessica - I LOVE salty food. Yes, definitely tempting.

Heather M. - oh my gosh, YUM! i also considered taking a photo of chips for this theme but only thought of taking a photo of the bag of chips – yours is a thousand times more creative. chips are my biggest weakness. i love them SO much and these photos are just awesome.

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