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it is summertime. well, not officially, but living in south florida i get a pass. it is already pool time here. lots of hot and humid days means lots of time cooling off in the pool for us this summer.

quinn is getting better at swimming. he took lessons last year, but tells me he doesn’t need lessons this year. i’m sure he will be a little fish in a very short time. tate is happy to play on the steps and throw toys in for us to get after they sink to the bottom of the pool.

i heart my waterproof camera!¬† i knew that it was not practical to play with the boys and take pictures with my big camera, so i got a waterproof point + shoot camera (canon powershot d10). i’ve had it for two years now and i still think it is great. i can take pictures and video of the boys in the pool. it is one of the best things i have ever bought. seriously. a camera that you put on your wrist as you play in the water with the kids? and i can take pictures in the rain too. bonus. but the underwater videos? that is an extra bonus!

i’ve learned that when using a camera underwater, you get the best photos when the sun is shinning brightly from above. it makes the water look like glass. the picture much sharper. and the bubbles are just magical. it was not super sunny on monday when we were in the pool taking these photos, but i still love them anyway. i love how i can see quinn learning to swim. wearing his favorite goggles that fit his head just a bit better than they did last summer. i love the bubbles. and i love how you can see his head just below the surface of the water.

here is a little photographic proof that tate and i were at the pool too…

and a video clip of quinn jumping + swimming in the water… (don’t mind the chugging noise you hear under the water – that is just the creepy crawly pool vacuum cleaner doing it’s job.)

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Heather M. - oh my gosh, those photos are SO awesome!!! i love your take on this theme so much. and that video was amazing. what a cool camera.

Jean - even though it wasn’t sunny, these photos turned out great!! what a GREAT POST!!! Perfect for the weather! :)

Makes me want to get one now. Very reasonable price and I’m always by the water… Must show this post to boyfriend. LOL!!!

Jenn - Love this! I’ve seen a few underwater photographs this year that are making me really want an underwater camera.

We’re definitely not near pool weather yet but I’ll live vicariously through you. :)

janet - I love it. What a cool mom you are Tracy.
These pictures turned out great, and the bubbles are really fun.

Kristin - ok, I’m sold! I am so getting me one of those!

Andrea - Totally cool! These photos are amazing! I love all of the bubbles. That’s a pretty cool camera.

tracey - These photos and video made me smile!!!!! I have wanted an underwater camera for forever!!! Might have to go get that little point and shoot….

Naomi - Ok, awesome! I have always wanted to try underwater photos. Im going to have to check out that camera. Thanks for the inspiration :)

michelle s. - Great. Now I want a pool AND an underwater camera. ;)

These shots are so fun!! :)

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