christmas in june

i finally did it. i have a book of my photos printed and in my hands!

back in december, i committed to doing picture the holidays with paper coterie. it was a picture a day project. one holiday photo prompt emailed to me every day in december and one photo taken by me.

i found the time to take these photos everyday during the busy holiday season, but for some crazy reason i just could not get it together to create and order my photo book.

until now.

i have been on this kick of getting things done lately. more specifically, getting photos done. and edited. and put into books. and ordered. so i dropped my photos into the picture the holidays photo book template from paper coterie and ordered it last week.

and this little beauty just arrived…

{the cover image was the very first image i shot for this project and it is one of my most favorites.}

it is an 8 x 8  hard cover photo book containing my very own images printed on the pages! they are not my very best photos, but they are mine. and there is just something so sweet about seeing them on paper. bound in a book. knowing that i created them all with my imagination and a camera.

better late than never, right?

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Alison - love it! so creative!

Jean - yes! better late than never.

i’ve been wanting to do more of these books! photo books are so great!! i think they are less expensive than purchasing the album & photos separate.

janet - Wow, very nice.
A friend at work was just talking about something very similar.
I think I would like to do one too, I just need to be in the right frame of mind.

Renee @ The Calm Mama - oooooooooo…i LOVE it!! wish i could have finished mine.

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