welcome to my life…

this blog is very personal.
it is me.
my words.
my thoughts.
my fears.
my lessons.
my life.

I’ve been writing here for a few months. Writing just for me. As a creative outlet. A place to think as the words pour out through my fingers onto my iMac screen. A journal of who I am. It is a place to tell the stories of my life. The stories of my photos. A place to share my thoughts and life lessons. A place for my sons to get to know their mom. A place for their mom to get to know herself.

But I have not shared this blog before today.

Why? The answer is simple. I’ve been waiting on perfect. The perfect blog design. The perfect words. The perfect font + colors. The perfect list of links. Perhaps even waiting on the writer (me…) to be, well,  perfect.

But I’m not perfect. Never have been and most certainly never will be. And really don’t want to be. So this blog is my journal about the real me. No pretending to be what I am not. Showing my flaws. Sharing my failures learnings. Growing and changing. Evolving into the authentic me.

So instead of waiting on perfect, I’m just going to stand at the edge of the cliff and soar…

{self-portrait taken during my fly experience…}

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angie - welcome to the world baby blog, welcome.

angie - so very proud of you, tracy.

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