the good old days…

I was grocery shopping with Tate today. I fed him rice cakes, puffies and a cereal bar as I pushed him through Publix in the cart. His face covered in drool and crumbs, he was quite a sight. A few people stopped to talk to him and say kind words about my sweet boy. We were just at the end of an aisle when a woman said something to me that I did not expect to hear…
It was more of a statement than a question really. She pointed at Tate as she said these words. It took a minute for me to really hear what she was saying. She told me that she had raised five children and now has 14 grandchildren. And how she would love to haveĀ  this moment – my moment with Tate – back again. I am her good old days. I am living the good old days that I know I will long for someday.

It was a beautiful little whisper of a reminder to be present today.

So I am passing it on…

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Brandy - That actually broght tears to my eyes. Thanks for the reminder.

gwen - This is just beautiful. There was a sermon at church this Sunday about being present and mindful when you’re doing mundane and potentially frustrating things like grocery shopping with your kids. You can choose to be irritated at the situation, or you can choose to be engaged and present. This woman who spoke to you was present, and she gave you a little gift. How beautiful.

Julie - This is such a beautiful reminder – thank you for sharing Tracy!

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