that little voice…

he shares it all with me at night. After his “I’m all clean” declaration when getting out of the bath. After his bedtime snack has been eaten and his stories have been read. After he is tucked in bed with his blue blankey + doggie and his lights are turned off. It all begins…

He talks to himself. He sings songs. He tells stories. He plays pretend with his stuffed animals. He says out loud everything that he is just too busy to take the time to tell me during the day.  I can listen to all of the things that are inside of his head. All of his  3 and a half year old thoughts just come tumbling out in his little boy voice.  And I get to listen to it all. Like a peek into his world. The words I hear are so honest. He seems to say out loud whatever his mind is thinking at that exact moment.

He says his ABC’s, counts to ten in Spanish, spells his name (lately with a few extra N’s on the end…        q-u-i-n-n-n-n!), sings Old McDonald Had A Farm and the days of the week song too. He talks about his friends at preschool. He talks about the baseball teams he played on the Wii. He tells stories. Lots and lots of stories. His voice changes too. Sometimes it is soft and sweet in a sing-songy sort of way. Other times it is silly or loud + animated.

My husband calls it free entertainment. We laugh at the things we hear coming from his bedroom. Sometimes we can’t even believe our ears. The stories and the words are so grown up – yet still so little boyish all at the same time. Did I blink and miss his giant leap from toddler to little boy? When did he get so big? When did he start bargaining with me me about what he will do before he takes a nap? When did he start telling me detailed stories (with big words!) about how he played baseball with Papa? When did he start insisting on which books he wants to read? Or what he wants for lunch…

Oh how I love to hear that little voice coming from down the hallway telling his stories every night. And as he gets quieter and a few yawns interrupt his words, I know that he will be sleeping soon. And in a few hours I will hear the words that wake me on most mornings… mom, the sun is up. it’s time for breakfast!

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