letting go…

letting go is a journey. living with less so that I can bring more into my life. that has been my focus lately. Not because it sounds good or my house will be neater or even because that means that I won’t be spending so much money on things that I probably don’t even need. This deep desire to really let go of all the things that I don’t need in my life – both mental clutter and physical clutter – is so strong.

I have been living with too much for too long. I have wanted to untangle myself from the things that are weighing me down. The things that come between me and my most important people. The things that make my heart so heavy. The things that have gotten in the way of who I really am and my deep desire for a simple, uncluttered + organized life.  I just never could seem to figure out how to dig myself out from under all of the stuff. My daily life is so full that I can barely keep up with all that I need to do just to get through everyday.

But now it is different. It all changed with one simple email from my friend Emily about Making Things Happen. You know when you just have a feeling deep inside your soul that you are supposed to be doing something? There is no logic or reason. And you listen to the voice inside yourself. Without question. You just do it. So, I found myself in Tampa a week later for this one day intensive. And it rocked my world. Big time. This one day allowed me to see so clearly the direction of my true self + my authentic life. It was the beginning of a whole new everything for me. And keeping up with the Making Things Happen tumblr posts for the past few weeks has been like my little life line that keeps me moving forward as I step into the life that I truly want to live. I am making progress every day.  Little things, tiny steps, seemingly insignificant accomplishments that are in essence changing the path of my life. I am walking.

I never realized how much mental clutter I was carrying around inside of my head. So I started to let go. To say good-bye to the things that were blocking my path. I decided to gut all of my internet bookmarks and blog reader subscriptions. I deleted all of the things that I thought I needed to fill my day with so that I always knew everything that was going on in the world of photography. I realized that the 75+ blog subscriptions were simply getting in the way of the 15 or so blogs that I truly enjoy reading. I was filling my reader with so much stuff that my very favorites were hidden under it all. I would scroll through the super long daily list of blog feeds on my g-reader, not really read anything that I was seeing and never even get to the ones that I really wanted to read because I just didn’t have time to weed through it all. So my favorite bits of inspiration + insight were passed over again and again. I have been missing the good stuff. Saying good-bye and unsubscribing to the rss feeds and the email subscriptions was so freeing! And what I am left with is the words of my friends {Angie, Renee}, pieces of inspiration {Lara, Shutter Sisters}, delicious images of food {Bree, cannelle et vanille} and some random bits of goodness {Liz, Kelle}.

Now I am reading the blogs that I love and keeping up with the people who write them. Friends I have found on the internet. Real friends. Real people. And their words matter to me. So very much. They inspire and encourage me. They make me laugh. They make me think. They challenge me to be more, do more + want more. And I am getting to have all of that again. By letting go of the unnecessary, I have given myself more of what I really want. And the time to focus on it. All of it.

My life is still not perfect. I am still letting go of things. My desktop is clearer, my papers have found their way into the filing cabinet  and the recycle bin {instead of the piles that used to live all around me}, my closet has fewer items of clothing but is now full of the pieces I love the best and my head is not so foggy anymore. I am still learning. I am still growing. But I am now living my life + being more present for me and my most important people… the ones that give the very best squishy hugs.

Go ahead. Make Things Happen too…

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Lara - I love you. So much.

Renee @ Get Inner-gized with Renee! - SOOOOOOOOO good!!! i’m trying to do the same with my google reader and bookmarks and email newsletters. it’s SO freeing!! i found that once you start decluttering your house, your computer and other things…your mind says thank you and you just keep wanting more of it…but it’s amazing how fast it can all pile up again…as for me…i’m still trying to downsize my inbox…what i started doing last week – unlike all the 50 million pages i like on FB. oh man!!! thanks for this, tracy! GREAT post! I’m right there with ya! :)

ang - you give me some hope! i feel like the next three months will be the busiest, of my life. i don’t feel, i know. thus far they will be.

looking forward to letting a lot go come june 1. in fact, i can’t wait!

love ya friend! thanks for sharing your heart, i needed to read it.

ang - you give me some hope! i feel like the next three months will be the busiest, of my life. i don’t feel, i know. thus far they will be.

looking forward to letting a lot go come june 1. in fact, i can’t wait!

love ya friend! thanks for sharing your heart, i needed to read it.

Emily Ley - This is so beautiful. I love you and am so excited about the transformation you are undergoing!! So many things ahead for you… xoxoxo

Katie - This was lovely to read, and the photo of the ocean captures the freedom we can feel if we really do let go of things that are inconsequential to us. I did the same thing with the blogs I was subscribed to, went through all of them, deleting as I went, and only keeping the ones that truly make me happy and are positive in thought.

I wish you well in your journey.

alicia rohan - I love this! You are so open and free! You are going through such a beautiful transformation, I love that you are documenting the process so that we can watch as evolve into the woman you are meant to be.

Bree - I am so flattered to have made the cut! I was in this place a few months ago. It is an amazing feeling to let it go.

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