29 days ~ a photo journal

I have not taken very many photos of my life and my boys since February 5th. The day my sister went into the hospital at almost 28 weeks pregnant with her second baby. Her amniotic fluid suddenly started leaking. She walked into the emergency room and they told her that she would not be leaving until her daughter was born. No warning. No preparation. And as she said to me the next day, no maternity photos. Something she had been looking forward to doing with her husband and son. So I asked her if I could still take her maternity photos by documenting everything that was happening now. In the hospital. To record the path that my baby niece would take to make her entrance into the world. To document this entire journey. She agreed. I was thrilled and honored to do this for her. To record a piece of our family history in the making.

Now no one really wants to have photos of them taken in a hospital bed, in a lovely hospital gown and feeling generally yucky. But Angie let me click away. While she was on complete bed rest. While she ate. While the ambulance transferred her to a hospital with a level lll NICU in case the baby didn’t want to stay put for long. While our cousin washed and blow dried her hair. While her son, Derek, came to visit her in the hospital. There were lots of pictures taken in the first eight days.

{my tate visiting Aunt Lene with me…}

Eight days. That is exactly how long little miss Brooke decided to stay put.

I got the text message around 11pm that Angie was having the baby. It was a bit of craziness for my sister and brother-in-law, but their baby girl was born at 29 weeks weighing 2 lbs 11 oz. I met her about an hour and a half later. In that level lll NICU. Perfectly pink, a bit on the teeny tiny side and so incredibly strong. Feisty you might even say. And I documented again. Taking photos for my sister so she could see her baby girl for the first time. On the small screen on the back of my camera. While she recovered from surgery in her hospital bed.

For the past three weeks I have continued to take photos of Brooke. For her. For my sister. For my brother-in-law. For all of our family. For all of their friends. For all of my friends. For all the people who sent good wishes, prayers, support and love to Brooke. {And Angie, Dan + Derek too.}  So someday she can see how she came into the world. With a head full of silky dark hair and the ability to make us all fall in love with her at first sight.

These past 29 days have been full of so much. Laughter. Tears. Fear. Excitement. Worry. Anticipation. And love. This is all a part of our family history. It is a story we will tell Brooke one day. Her story. A story that will be told in words + in photos. With so many more photos to come…


read about brooke coming home from the hospital here.

see photos of brooke as she turned one here.

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Emily ley - Oh my goodness, these are just so priceless. They made me all teary eyed! What a beautiful and blessed little girl. Sending lots of love your familys way.

Rachel Clare - What a gift are these pictures! I’m grateful things are going well. Congrats to your sister and her husband, and congrats to you, auntie! Strong, healthy vibes going out to that sweet baby!

Alison - so beautiful, and the images are a true gift for your family.

Julie - These are such beautiful images that cannot help but be so very moving. SO grateful for your niece’s safe arrival – I remember praying when you put the word out that she was on her way. Hoping all is well with everyone! I know these photographs will be such a precious remembrance of a scary but important time!

Dawn - Tracy – You really have found a true talent, and I enjoy watching you refine your techniques. This story of Brooke’s arrival is amazing. The pictures tell a beautiful story, and the little words you have included are perfect. What a blessing Brooke is, and I can’t wait to meet her.

janet - This is priceless. So very cool.

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