make believe…

It was raining. And it was lunchtime. And Quinn had a little cabin fever. I was feeding Tate, making lunch for myself, trying to get Quinn to eat his lunch and making dinner all at the same time. But Quinn didn’t want to sit down and eat. He was having the best time playing with the couch pillows. He piled them all on the ground along with his blue blankey and his friends (also known as stuffed animals) and he was “jumping into nonna and papa’s pool”. He is sooo ready for summertime and pool days!

Quinn very proudly yelled for me to look at what he was doing. I told him he was making a mess. But he didn’t seem to care one bit. That made me smile. He really wasn’t doing anything more than playing make believe. And being creative. So in between bites of his peanut butter sandwich, I let him have some fun. I remembered how it felt when I was young. Playing pretend. Jumping on (and off) the couch. Making forts out of blankets and couch cushions. Using my mom’s bowl of wooden fruit (the one that was always on the coffee table) to hold my yellow Raggedy Ann and Andy blanket (the one with the silky yellow trim that my mom made for me) on top. Making the fort was just as much fun as playing in it.

From his highchair (conveniently pushed into the living room so he would not be left out of the fun), Tate was amused too. The more Quinn jumped, the more Tate laughed at him as he ate. And the two of them just keep feeding off of each other. Oh the energy in that room! I’m going to be in big trouble someday…

As I watched Quinn play + jump and I listened to him + Tate giggle, I smiled. Every time he yelled “look at me, mom!”, I did. And I laughed. And I soaked it all in. I ignored the mess just steps away in the kitchen. All of the things I was doing could wait. Because this moment just could not. And I didn’t want to miss it.

And a little while later Quinn woke up from his nap asking if he could play with his mess…

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