mommy danced with me…

I took a little time for myself on Friday. A much needed hour escape to get a pedicure and take a deep breath. Right before I left the house, a little treat arrived in the mail… my new Seeing the Everyday magazine. The simple yet powerful essays. The photos, which add so much to it all.

I was meant to read this issue. From cover to cover. With each little essay focusing on the things that the writer’s parents did that made such a lasting impression on them. And then I read page 48.  Mommy danced with me. I used to dance with Quinn. But I haven’t in a really long time. This made me reflect on what I am doing that will leave an impression on my boys. The truth of not much brought tears to my eyes. No matter what I say or write, I am still not giving them enough. And they are so worth it.

I had been looking forward to some time at my computer when I got home for some more catching up while Mark watched the boys. But instead of locking myself in the office, I told Mark to take Quinn to hit golf balls. They love to do this together. And Quinn needed this time with his daddy.  I could work while Tate napped. Well, that didn’t last too long. Tate was awake 15 minutes later. Instead of putting him in the playroom and getting another 20 minutes of catching up done, we danced. Yep, right in the office with iTunes blasting I danced with my Tate. And he loved it. He laughed and squealed in that 14-month-old way. He smiled so big. Dimple and all.

And this brought me right back to the time when I danced with Quinn. Just like this. When he was the same age as Tate. And he used to love it too.

The next day, I had that choice again… to put the boys in the playroom and squeeze in a few more minutes on the computer before lunch. Or not. And I chose not. This time, it was a dance-fest and a singing-fest with all three of us. We cranked up iTunes again. Quinn used a battery as a microphone and sang {uh, sort of} really, really loud.  Tate bounced on his knees to the music and played with an old Apple mouse. The most fun? Spinning around.

I needed this. And I want them to know how much it meant to me. And how much they mean to me. It is time to stop talking about someday wanting to find the time. It is about just doing it. Now. Today. make.the.time. The laundry can wait. The email can wait. Lunch can be a little late today. Because nothing feels better than your son saying, “This is fun! Can we do that again?”

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ang - nothing is better, you’re absolutely right! beautiful.

Piper - I have tears in my eyes…

Renee @ Get Inner-gized with Renee! - GREAT post, tracy!! it’s the little things that are the BEST!! something i strive to do daily with my little c is having a dance party. but i can only imagine how much harder this can be when you have two kiddos (or more!). it’s so easy to forget these little things. i showed camille the video and she loved it and wanted me to keep playing it over and over and then after, we both swirled together! SO FUN!! :)

i also got my mag on friday, too! can’t wait to read it – i did see the article you’re talking about when i skimmed through and i thought…oooo…can’t wait to read that one! :) such a great mag! :)

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