She came home. My niece, Brooke, came home from the hospital! After visiting her in the NICU every single day for 62 days, my sister and brother-in-law got to pack up all 6 pounds of their baby girl, tuck her into her car seat, introduce her to her big brother for the first time and drive her home. Now instead of daily trips to the hospital, they get to spend every minute with Brooke. And I got to be there as they said good-bye and their heartfelt thank yous to the NICU nurses that took care of Brooke since she arrived much earlier than expected. As I photographed Brooke’s last few moments in the NICU, I couldn’t help but remember being there for her first few moments in the NICU just 9 weeks earlier. There is such beauty and peace in life coming full circle. And such joy in the best part of all… going home.
My sister scrubbing her hands for the last time. Love the smile on her face…

little sister

big brother

and a few more images from Brooke’s last month in the NICU as she was growing + getting stronger…

read about the beginning of Brooke’s journey into the world here

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Haydee - Oh what joy! She is so beautiful and rosy. I’m sure your sister is relieved to put that chapter behind her and start a new and exciting one in her own home. Sending my thoughts her way. {Haydee}

Alison - beautiful images and such lovely reflection

Amanda - I love, love, love these photos. I am mother of a 29 weeker. I know the struggles and the success!

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