guest writing for the creative mama

I wrote a little something about embracing the darkness. And the fabulous ladies over at The Creative Mama posted it on their beautiful blog.

What an honor this is for me! I am beyond excited about writing for The Creative Mama. You see, I put it out to the universe that I wanted to write for them someday. Just said it out loud to myself and my husband. Many months ago. With no reason to think this would ever happen. But a strong + deep belief that it would be one day. I had no personal blog at that time. And my photography blog was filled with generic words that were unexciting and just plain boring. But something inside of me just felt that this would happen. Gut instinct? The Secret coming to life? Intuition? Belief in a greater power? Hope? Luck? Just plain craziness? Probably a bit of all of these came together to make this happen.

The Creative Mama is amazing. Read the blog. Love them. Like them. Fan them. Follow them. They are so full of creativity and inspiration.

Thank you so much TCM ladies for making this happen for me…

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Wendy - I actually found you through that post. It really spoke to me, and I immediately followed the link to your blog. After looking through your posts, I had to add you to my reader :) your images are lovely and I look forward to reading more.

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