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i heart pinterest. i wasn’t really sure what is was at first. you need an invitation to join. so i got one from a friend. then i didn’t really use it much. didn’t really understand it. until my friend emily wrote about it on her blog. saying she finds it a place of inspiration and ideas. so i gave it another try. and i am loving it now that i know what it is. a virtual pin board of your favorite photos + ideas. but the best part about this way of pinning photos is that you can create as many different boards as you like. oh, and the photo links to where you found it. so if it is a recipe, you just pin it and then click on it later to go back to the original website with the details and recipe.

just pin your favorite things. and follow your friend’s pin boards. and repin things they pin + love. there is so much creativity out there. so many beautiful things. shared by all.

i believe there is something to putting together in one place all of the photos, ideas, words and things that inspire you. things that light you up. that make you smile. that get you to think differently. things that are beautiful. things that are peaceful. words. colors. ideas. projects. creativity. i believe that if you know what you want. what you love. and you put your energy toward that, it can be another step in building an authentic life. so i am pinning my likes, loves and inspiration. so i can start creating a more authentic life. and doing the things i’ve always wanted to do. but somehow forget to do them. now i have a visual reminder. all in one place.

these frozen banana pops were the first of my pins that came to life. i saw some yummy looking chocolate covered frozen bananas on pinterest last week. Quinn wanted to make them. and i have been wanting to do more fun summer projects with him. so we decided to make them with a fourth of july holiday twist. red, white and blue sprinkles.

they were so easy! we just bought a bag of chocolate chips. melted them in the microwave with a little oil (to thin out the chocolate so it wouldn’t clump on the bananas). put popsicle sticks in the bananas. dipped them in the chocolate. added sprinkles. a few hours in the freezer. done.

my friend was over for a little pool time yesterday. so i let Quinn and her son do the sprinkling. and they did their best almost-four-year-old decorating. it was not quite the perfect food photos i had envisioned. but when i went with it. let the boys have fun.  sprinkles everywhere. it was even better than what i had planned for these photos.

oh, and they tasted so good. especially after an afternoon in the pool. and the south florida heat.

next time i’m using dark chocolate…

if you are on pinterest, let me know so i can follow your boards. you can find mine here. if you want an invitation to join pinterest, just let me know and i’ll send you one.

happy pinning! and happy independence day america!

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Erin Davenport - I love this tribute to Pinterest! It is such a wonderful site. I love what you wrote about how lovely it is to have all these things you love collected together–I believe it does help you focus on all things wonderful and positive :) I don’t know if I’m following you yet but I’m going to check and make sure to. {I’m on there at Erin Davenport} Happy pinning!

Wendy T. - I’m a HUGE fan of the Pinterest! I could totally get lost in it all day. I just followed all your boards :) I’m Wendy Tienken on ere (and I’m a new Song Bird, too).

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