underwater world

the world sounds so peaceful underwater. there is a soothing rhythm that calms my head. the chatter of my children and the chatter in my own head becomes quieter. barely audible. i become still. floating. mostly underwater. drifting. looking up to the sky. just for a few moments.

we took a break from our everyday happy chaos of life. and brought the kids to my parent’s house for some pool time before our weekly sunday family dinner. q practiced what he learned in swim lessons. and tate. he is just so content in the water. playing on the steps. of course i brought along my underwater point + shoot camera (canon power shot d10). because taking photos is my happy place.

i don’t usually get my hair wet. too much hassle to deal with when getting out of the pool and packing up everything. but today quinn asked me if i was going to go under the water to take his picture. without hesitation, i said yes and dunked my head in the pool. i could hear quinn’s laughter from under the water when he saw me do this. good choice mommy. this allowed me to be free in the water. to play with the boys. to splash with them. to swim along with quinn. to take photos of him learning to kick and use his arms. to spin tate around in the water and hear him laugh. to help quinn use the pool noodle toys to squirt daddy and tate. to take a photo of me and quinn underwater.

i forgot how much fun it is to glide under the water. and how peaceful it is to float. with just my face peeking above the water. in this place is where i was able to just be calm for a few minutes. in the midst of the voices and laughter just above the surface. i still heard them all. but in a softer and gentler way. their voices were so soothing from this underwater world. i was caught in an amazing place. somewhere between being alone and being with my boys.

as i floated along, i looked up to the blue blue sky with little white clouds floating by. up through the tall palm trees and into a little moment of time. just for me. it was only a few minutes before a penguin toy came flying through the air toward me. and brought me back to the surface. but oh how renewed i felt in those stolen few moments. in my underwater world.

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stacy - I love being in and underwater too… so peaceful. I love the underwater pics. May need to invest in an underwater camera besides the occassional disposables we use!

Renee @ Get Innergized! - i totally agree! it’s amazing how quiet it is under water…i noticed it BIG TIME when i was living on guam. all the amazing colorful water world in the ocean is truly a peaceful one. that must be why i’m so relaxed at the pool or beach and want a pool in my backyard SO bad! lol. LOVE this post!!! great pics, tracy! :)

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