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this is one of my very favorite photos of quinn. it is from his 4th birthday party last summer. his pirate pool party. it just captures all of the excitement + action of the party.

i have this photo on my photo wall collage above my desk in our home office. i can see it everyday.

but there are so many photos from this birthday party that are still on my computer. shots of all the fun details that i so carefully planned like the pirate tattoos, the eye patches, the water canons (water balloons) and the buried treasure sandbox. and the photos of quinn and his friends swimming + eating cupcakes. all the things i want him to remember about his 4th birthday party. or at least look back on and see what fun that day was.

so i’m finally doing it. i’m making him (and tate too) a yearly photo book. a book full of all of all of the pictures i take of them everyday. the big things and the little things. halloween costumes, christmas morning, riding bikes, playing with legos. all of it. one book for each boy. one book for each year. starting from their birthday celebration all the way through to their next birthday. a year documented.

i have wanted to make photo books for the boys for a long time now, but i just wasn’t sure where to start. there are so many options out there. i needed to figure out exactly how i wanted to design the books and deciding what company to go with for printing has been just a big question mark. so, after stumbling on a blog post that shared a family yearbook created with my publisher i decided to go with them. just download their software and drag and drop the photos into their templates. easy. i got started on quinn’s book right away since his birthday is coming up in august. and i liked how the photo book was coming along. i decided on a simple photo collage style and a chronological order for the year. the book starts with his 4th birthday party last august and will end with photos from this july.

i have been working on his book this week. filling in the pages with lots of photos. lots of memories. i was making progress. and then i ran into a big problem. mypublisher has a maximum of 100 pages. and i was at page 89 in the beginning of april. not gonna work. i had already edited out too many photos. and i didn’t want to compromise the design by cramming in every photo on fewer pages. so after a minor freak out and a few deep breaths, i realized that i needed to start with finding a company that would let me print more pages. and i found it.

hello blurb. i’ve heard such great things about you.

i loaded blurb’s booksmart software and their lightroom plug-in, watched a how-to video, read a few simple instructions on their website and started making quinn’s new and improved 4 year old photo book. since i have already created the photo layouts in mypublisher, i just need to make the same ones in blurb’s booksmart. what i’m loving about blurb is that the pages are totally customizable. so now i can create a real book for the boys. with a title page. a story or letter here and there. a hardcover book with an image wrap cover. they will look like something right off the shelf of the local barnes and noble bookstore.

my plan is to keep up with these books for quinn and tate once a month and print them just before their next birthday. a yearly tradition begins. and, yes, i fully intend to go back and make them each books from the first few years of their lives.

i am so excited about using blurb. i have a few other projects that i’m working on right now that will be printed from blurb. nothing is complete yet, but this is the year that most of them will get finished. and printed.

i also saw this cool post about making an instagram book from blurb too. i love how she wrote on the book in black marker. talk about breaking the rules. oh how i want to do this!

this is the year of getting things done. and printing photo books is high on the priority list. i might just have a party when my first completed photo book arrives at my door.

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life happens | march 2012

iphone moments from march… i think i’ve got a plan for all of these photos!

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linked 52 | looking in

looking in the water…

it is summertime. well, not officially, but living in south florida i get a pass. it is already pool time here. lots of hot and humid days means lots of time cooling off in the pool for us this summer.

quinn is getting better at swimming. he took lessons last year, but tells me he doesn’t need lessons this year. i’m sure he will be a little fish in a very short time. tate is happy to play on the steps and throw toys in for us to get after they sink to the bottom of the pool.

i heart my waterproof camera!  i knew that it was not practical to play with the boys and take pictures with my big camera, so i got a waterproof point + shoot camera (canon powershot d10). i’ve had it for two years now and i still think it is great. i can take pictures and video of the boys in the pool. it is one of the best things i have ever bought. seriously. a camera that you put on your wrist as you play in the water with the kids? and i can take pictures in the rain too. bonus. but the underwater videos? that is an extra bonus!

i’ve learned that when using a camera underwater, you get the best photos when the sun is shinning brightly from above. it makes the water look like glass. the picture much sharper. and the bubbles are just magical. it was not super sunny on monday when we were in the pool taking these photos, but i still love them anyway. i love how i can see quinn learning to swim. wearing his favorite goggles that fit his head just a bit better than they did last summer. i love the bubbles. and i love how you can see his head just below the surface of the water.

here is a little photographic proof that tate and i were at the pool too…

and a video clip of quinn jumping + swimming in the water… (don’t mind the chugging noise you hear under the water – that is just the creepy crawly pool vacuum cleaner doing it’s job.)

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life happens | february 2012

catching up on life captured with my iphone…

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from where i stand | spring

i started from where i stand about seven months ago. it is a little photo project that i am doing to document where i am and what i’m doing. i use my iphone for all the images and post them on instagram. (i’m tracylarsen on instagram.) oh, and here on this fun little photo blog.

this is me. living in flip flops. doing everyday things.

this is spring from where i stand

are you recording your life on instagram too? tell me how to find you. i’d love to peek inside your days.

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